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[World] Finalists of the 2017 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards

by Eco Generation | 06-12-2017 15:56 Comments 9 Comments

2017 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Finalists


 Dear all,


We would like to invite you to the final vote for 2017 HIDDEN ECO-HERO AWARDS.

Please like their post to recognize & appreciate our own Eco-Heroes and Heroine Nominees.


[How to join the Facebook vote]

Eco-generation has selected nominees and posted introductions of each nominee on facebook page as well as on the Winners list at our E-gen Event>Monthly Event>Winners.

Please go through the introductions and vote for the 3 best persons by giving likes on them.

The 3 persons who win the biggest number of Facebook reaches (NOT LIKES) shall be selected as the 2017 Hidden Eco-heroes and Heroines.


Nominees are (in alphabetical order)



Facebook Post Link

Amna Ahmed Mohamed Elhassan Omer



Arushi Madan



Demchenko Viktor



Indah Nurdiana



Krishna Poudel



Nancy K Iraba



Pradnya Giradkar



Eco-generation Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/ecogeneration/


Please vote until Dec 20th, 2017

Winner Announcement will be made on Dec 21st, 2017.


We wish the best of luck for each nominee and we appreciate in advance for your vote.


 Thank you!

 Eco-generation team


*Note (Three winners only)

Three(3) nominees who win the biggest number of Facebook likes shall be selected as the 2017 Hidden Eco-heroes and Heroines.

Both Recommender and Eco-hero must take the picture together awarding the Certificate and the Souvenir. This is to confirm that the certificate and the souvenir are received by the right persons. We would like to ask the recommender to have a small interview about the award-winning and their works. Taken pictures and interview should be sent to ecogeneration@samsung.com within TWO weeks after receiving the prizes and certificates.




  • Pranjali Pandya says :
    Hearty Congratulations, Arushi. Truly deserving. You are such an amazing and inspirational girl whom everyone looks up to. I am your fan, admirer and follower. I have started doing activities after learning from you and getting inspiration from you. Great!
    Posted 20-12-2017 23:29

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Thank you, Dianna. Your kind and encouraging words and a meaningful gesture are highly appreciated. We are all inspiring each other on this wonderful platform.
    Posted 16-12-2017 04:46

  • Dianna Isabelle Desuyo says :
    As early as now, I would like to commend these Finalists for making a difference in their respective communities. You are all Eco-Heroes!
    Posted 15-12-2017 04:36

  • says :
    Thank you
    Posted 07-12-2017 18:41

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    @Edwin, thanks fot the correction! It's updated.
    Posted 07-12-2017 08:49

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    @Patricia, only the page owner can see the facebook reaches, it means the number of people the post reaches. If you like or share, the number would be increased. :)
    Posted 07-12-2017 08:48

  • says :
    Dear Tunza, Thank you so much for our finalist from Indonesia (miss Indah Nurdiana, my teacher). What does Facebook Reaches mean? We have to share and hit Like? Sorry for this question. I don't understand. Thank you.
    Posted 06-12-2017 22:40

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Thank you so much Tunza Eco Gen. Thanks a ton Dharmendra Kapri. Thanks a million to all those who have always supported me, encouraged me and helped me in pursuing my mission of creating more eco-warriors to protect the environment.
    Posted 06-12-2017 22:20

  • says :
    Dear Eco generation, the nominee Nancy k. Iraba, is from Tanzania, and not Nigeria as written, please let it be rectified
    Posted 06-12-2017 19:01

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