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[World] Our Resolutions for the Environment in 2019

by Eco Generation | 26-02-2019 08:57 Comments 4 Comments

Our resolutions for the environment in 2019

Dear members,

We asked you to join the February's event to set your resolution for the environment! 

Because the owners of our platform are the youth around the world, we wanted to gather and share our 2019 resolutions to protect our planet Earth.


Please go through our member's resolution for this year, and you can set your own resolution and let's have time to look back your actions at the end of this year!

We do appreciate our member's participation to share each own resolution once again.




Name Resolution
Abdul Qoyyum Oriola
Cleaner environment. The city of Lagos in Nigeria is the fastest growing in Africa. There is soaring rise in industries to complement the about 20million population. Consumer goods leave a heap of rubbish and waste in almost every nook and cranny. This pollutes the water channels, affects the ozone layer as some people tend to burn this plastics, sachet nylons amongst others. Recycling these plastics would encourage manufacturing, reduce pollution of the atmosphere, reduce mortality of aquatic animals and promote generally safe environment.
Ananya Singh
I resolve to drive my scooty in the 30-40kmph speed limit because that cuts down on the fuel usage and hence, helps to conserve energy.
Balyejusa John Hillary
My 2019 Environmental resolution is to share my knowledge with as many people as possible. I organized a climate captains training at the end of January where we taught climate science to youth in Uganda. I intend to continue doing the same and also visit as many schools as possible to share with students the need for urgent climate action
Bonface Sagini
My resolution this year is to take action to combat environmental degradation by starting a charcoal briquette business in my home county.
Deepak Subedi
I am always looking to improve my environment and promote conservation education, in this year I will conduct many more awareness program in my locality and teach many more students about this beautiful earth, education about biodiversity, plastic pollution and environment conservation. I will encourage my friend and relatives to become more eco friendly and change their attitude towards environment.
Desire Amevi Isidore HOUNGNIGBE
I have two resolutions for this year. First, I want to stop using plastic bag wherever I will be. This is so important for me because my country ( Benin) is currently facing the challenge of pollution by plastic bags. Second, at the end of 2019, I want to train at least 200 children & young in my country to help them understand better why it's important to protect our planet and what role we can do in this process. For me realize these two resolutions will be a real achievement. And I believe ECO GENERATION platform will help me to get it.
Dharmendra Kapri
These are my Green New Year Resolutions for 2019- * I will organize 30 Plant-for-the-Planet environmental academies in rural areas of India. * I will plant at least 450 trees this year(15 tress per academy) and ask other people to do the same. * I will only buy local and organic food and will try to reduce my carbon Foot/d Print as much as I can. * I will use electronic material for reading (be it newspaper, magazine or academic stuff) as much as possible. * I will dry my laundry outside.
Enjeck Mbeh Cleopatra
My resolutions include: -Create articles and graphics to make others, especially youth and children aware of environmental issues and possible solutions. -Reduce, reuse and recycle waste. -Explore STEM solutions of environmental problems.
Faith Cherotich
In light of today's changing climate and the urgent need to save and make our planet more sustainable, my resolution is to use this platform and others in my capacity to not only raise awareness to youth and children but inspire change through personal effort as a young person. I am committed to reducing my carbon footprint and choosing to make Eco-friendly and more sustainable choices in my daily life for our planet's sake and environmental health.
Ishitwa -
1. I wish to become a part of or create a project that aims at sustainability of the environment. I want the project to have a significant impact and include my significant contribution to it as well. 2. I want to be able to inculcate the understanding and knowledge of my college major economics to solve environmental issues. Social and economic disparities due to environmental disruptions are widespread and thus my knowledge of economics shall help me solve those issues. 3. I want to be more active in terms on voicing my opinions on environmental issues as well as increase the volume of my actions towards environmental conservation. For this to happen, I want to create more such opportunities for myself at college level and engage more people around me to do the same. 4. I wish to expand my knowledge more about sustainable environment measures we can take that is cost effective and easily implementable, especially at college level. This shall make people more conscious about using resources judiciously.
Kushal Naharki
I am glad that I contributed to create the theme of the year 2019. As our theme is Children and youth can bring us a sustainable future together. I will surely keep on working to achieve this theme as Regional Ambassador of Nepal. My Resolutions for 2019 1. I will keep the waste in my pocket until I find a bin to throw. Keep It In Till I Find A Bin: Waste Pocket 2. Aware Children and Youth about Environment and Eco Activities 3. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to Beat Plastic Pollution 4. Launch School Campaign about Model United Nations 5. I will gift a tree on birthdays and plant a tree on my own birthday Gift A Tree This Birthday
Muskan Priya
MY RESOLUTIONS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT IN 2019 1) Buy used: We can contribute to saving energy, money, reducing wastage and reducing reusable things to end up as landfills. There are various websites that sell us second hand goods at cheaper rates. This year try them out. 2) 3Rs: reuse reduce and recycle something that we have heard so many times and it is the time to finally include these into our habits. 3) Changing habits: 'Small acts great impacts' switching off lights when not required, carefully using water while bathing and toilet, using lesser air conditioners and save our ozone layer.
Ratna Bintari
My resolutions for the environment: 1. Prefer public mass transport for long distance travels 2. Go on foot or cycling for short distace travels 3. Bring tumblers everywhere 4. Consume more vegetables than meat 5. Avoid using plastic straws 6. Prefer ebook than textbook (hardcopy) 7. Reduce AC usage to minimize CFC 8. Bring my own shopping bag
Rosa Domingos
(South Africa)
For the resolutions that have set out this year, I would like to conduct outreach programs and movements. I would like to involve other organisations that have the same mandate just as Tunza Eco-Generation. For this, I have partnered with World Youth forum and YALI. I'm going to use these programs to help further educate, advocate and make use of to bring forth awareness of the opportunities they (especially females) have in order to: 1) successfully participate in with sustainable development goals and, 2) to broaden their future so that they could make a difference in this world through education and through participation. I would also like to start up a tree planting Campaign for primary school children. I would like to also couple this with essay and drawing competitions. I'd like to establish this because even I have come to know the children among the most creative and bright minded of the human species and their can vivify their ideas onto paper. I would like to start up at to engagement Channel called #LetUsTalk, this is to allow members to voice out on topics that they feel are important to be discussed and made known to the masses. I have noticed that my duties on the platform will be more challenging this year than the previous year mainly because of the load of work I was given at my employment but I am optimistic and positive that I will try to the best of my capability to watch if the resolutions that I've set forth this year. Thanks Eco-Generation!
Sachin Regmi My 10 resolutions for environment in 2019. 1. I will make at least 1 new friend every month. I will try to teach him about the deterioration of our environment and try to make him stand for the cause of conservation. 2. From day 1, of 2019 i will maintain a professional dairy(Since I am final year veterinary student by profession) there I will make a separate section for environment related stuffs. 3. I will read environment related news, views and reviews at least once in a week. By doing so i will be more updated with stuff going across the globe. 4. My mobile and desktop wallpaper will be something related to nature, conservation outputs or conservation threat. 5. In my room I will be regularly updating my notice board, which I already have with sticky notes related to conservation along with motivational quotes of great personality. 6. I will never use plastic cups during parties or at home or hostel, by doing so at least I will promote use of paper cups instead. 7. I will use less paper. I have now started to write my rough notes on whiteboard which i have inside my room. 8. To reduce noise pollution i will minimize the use of horns while driving and will try to use my bicycle wherever possible. 9. I will expand the area of my terrace garden in my home. I will increase the variety of vegetables along with flowers. 10. I will at least plant 20 trees in my birthday, in barren land and try to save the environment.
Sainath Manikandan
Dear Tunza Team, Greetings. My new year resolution are as follows: 1. Raise environmental awareness in my school and community through pep talks and presentations 2. Follow the rule - Reduce,reuse, recycle and refuse 3. Try to change our existing practices into green and sustainable solutions using the latest technologies Thanks. Regards, Sainath Manikandan
Viraaj Kulshreshtha
Working together is Success. In tandem with the theme of the year 2019 - Children and Youth can bring us a sustainable future together, I have made following resolutions to myself to ensure peace, brotherhood, healthy living and sustenance of all: 1. To support and promote the zero tolerance to single use plastic policy by the government by means of campaigns, competitions and awareness drives 2. To teach children in my vicinity to recreate and repurpose all possible waste and organise an exhibition in my society premises and give all proceedings to the orphanage in the vicinity. 3.To speak to the local corporator to support my vision of No plastic zone 4. Water is life, but is getting scarce. I intend to make a battalion of the youth to check and seal any dripping tap in my society. Every drop matters. 5. To start Compulsory Yoga for all in my society during my vacation and try and continue it. Yoga ensures a healthy body and mind. 6. I plan to have a vertical garden in every area of my society. Each house, one sapling – and I will gradually ensure greener and pollution free air, filled with serenity. My dream is a big one, but I have started the baby steps already. I hope to see my resolutions fulfilled.


  • Rosa Domingos says :
    I can already see momentous campaigns springing up this term! I am super excited for thie resolutions set by the members! I wish you guys all the best!

    Posted 04-03-2019 18:56

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Glad to see so many resolutions. Hope everyone can achieve our resolutions.
    Green Cheers :)
    Posted 26-02-2019 10:39

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