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[World] Result - Monthly Event for November 2019

by Eco Generation | 19-12-2019 08:45 Comments 5 Comments

[World] Result - Monthly Event for November 2019

Dear all TUNZA Eco-generation members,
As you all may recall, for the monthly event of November, we had previously asked our TUNZA Eco-generation members to recommend their favorite YouTube channels that are related to the environment.



We received so many wonderful and interesting recommendations from our members, ranging from National Geographic, UN Environment Programme, BBC Earth, WWF International, OCC, Now This Future, to Conservation International.



A big thank you to everyone who participated in this event! 


Would you be interested in finding out about the environmental YouTube channels recommended by our members?


Please visit the Resources > Feature on the tab above, or by clicking HERE.




Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Thank you @EcoGeneration for the wonderful event
    Looking forward for wonderful events ahead too
    Posted 19-12-2019 11:16

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