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Top 50 Sub-Continents and Countries in January 2020

by Eco Generation | 11-02-2020 10:30 Comments 19 Comments

Top 50 Sub-Continents and Countries in January 2020

Dear TUNZA Eco-Generation Members and Visitors, 


We are back again with the list of top 50 sub-continents and countries of where our platform users were from in the past month of January.

We've noticed some advances in rank in some of the regions, and highlighted them in purple. Congrations guys!                             

Also, there were new countries that were added to the list (marked in bold): Melanesia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Lebanon. Welcome everyone :D       


Thank you for taking action in understanding and preserving our environment by visiting TUNZA Eco-generation!



top 50 for january 2020

Please share with us which sub-continent/country you guys are from and do let us know about it in the comment box below. 
Have a happy February everyone!


Eco Generation 


  • Kaushal Sharma says :
    I really like the diversity on this platform. Amazing!!
    Posted 02-03-2020 12:48

  • Madan Pandey says :
    Glad to see India as one of the top country. Wow.
    Posted 25-02-2020 08:32

  • Nikita Lavrentyev says :
    Congratulations Azerbaijan, Lebanon and my country - Kazakhstan!
    Posted 22-02-2020 20:17

  • Rachu Khanal says :
    Nepal on top
    Posted 22-02-2020 00:07

  • Nitipak Ratapipat says :
    Good to know. Greeting from Thailand.
    Posted 21-02-2020 22:00

  • Basanta Pandey says :
    Hurray , We are Second .
    Posted 16-02-2020 11:21

  • Sujan Paudel says :
    Welcome Melanesia, Azerbaijan, Kazaksthan and Lebanon
    Posted 15-02-2020 17:31

  • Aman Roy says :
    Nice to see Nepal and India leading from front . Go South Asia
    Posted 15-02-2020 16:29

  • biddhya pandey says :
    It's feel so exciting to see nepal in third position.wow&#128525
    Posted 15-02-2020 16:08

  • Aditi Neupane says :
    Wow ,So nice to see Nepal in third place. We must clinch first position soon
    Posted 15-02-2020 15:30

  • Saba Iakobidze says :
    Hi Tunza Eco-generation and All Ambassadors,

    I was really happy representing Georgia as Ambassador in 2019 and a bit later, few months ago in Seoul, South Korea at Samsung Junior Engineering Academy in Samsung Engineering Headquarters and having recognition in the nomination of the first Eco City Project presented by myself.

    I wish you all success and a more proactive approach.

    Will join Tunza Eco-generation platform officially again in late 2020.

    Many Thanks,

    Posted 12-02-2020 18:32

Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas

  • Yuqing Yang says :
    Wow This is quite exciting!
    Posted 12-02-2020 09:39

  • Sandhya Adhikari says :
    Wow Nepal in Third position, really a proud moment for us.
    Welcome every members from New Countries.

    Posted 11-02-2020 22:33

  • Diana Gamazova says :
    Thank you so much!! I am from Kazakhstan and this is a greatest gift and honor for me!

    Green cheers to everyone!
    Posted 11-02-2020 20:26

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Welcome members from New countries. We are more than happy to welcome ypu to this amazing platform.

    Green cheers to all the eco warriors from Nepal
    Posted 11-02-2020 11:27

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