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[World] Announcement of the 24th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors

by Eco Generation | 21-02-2020 16:34 Comments 28 Comments

[World] Announcement of the 24th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors

Dear Tunza Eco-generation members,


As always, we do appreciate your valuable time and effort for the applications and we also regret that we couldn't select all the qualified applicants due to the limited number of positions.

This time, 23 Ambassadors have been successfully extended their term, and 37 new Ambassadors have their chance to represent their countries and region!

Even if you have not been selected this time, you still have the opportunity to post your reports and articles at the <World report> page or <Forums> until the next recruitment. Please leave your comments and suggestions on other members' reports as often as possible. This will help give you an advantageous position in the next recruitment!


Please visit Ambassador's Program page to check the list!




  • Asmita Gaire says :
    Congratulations everyone
    Posted 08-05-2020 15:58

  • Akash Bhatt says :
    Congratulations to all.
    Posted 28-03-2020 05:58

  • Garima Pandey says :
    Congratulations to all.
    Posted 28-03-2020 04:47

  • Lalit Joshi says :
    Congratulations to all selected ambassadors.
    Posted 24-03-2020 23:31

  • biddhya pandey says :
    Congratulations to akl the selected ambassador
    Posted 04-03-2020 17:31

  • Suhana Thapa says :
    great oppoortunity ecogeneration!!
    Posted 29-02-2020 08:30

  • Kaushal Sharma says :
    Congratulations everyone.
    Posted 27-02-2020 11:23

  • Madan Pandey says :
    Congratulations to all selected ambassadors.
    Posted 25-02-2020 08:28

  • Meena Pandey says :
    Congratulations to all the elected ambassadors. Matter of delight to be in the team.
    Posted 23-02-2020 20:27

Vazira Ikhtiyorova

  • Sujan Paudel says :
    Conngratulations to new regional ambassadors and extending ambassadors.
    Posted 22-02-2020 21:26

  • Aman Roy says :
    Congratulations to the selected new ambassadors .
    Posted 22-02-2020 20:32

  • Aashutosh Shah says :
    Congratulation everyone. Wish you all the best
    Posted 22-02-2020 17:13

  • Rachu Khanal says :
    Congratulations !!!
    Posted 22-02-2020 00:06

  • Nikolay Dagaev says :
    Friends! I congratulate everyone who was first elected as an Ambassador, as well as those who continued their mission in the new half-year!
    May your new term as an Ambassador be a success for you!
    Posted 21-02-2020 20:53

  • YILE CHEN says :
    Posted 21-02-2020 20:00

  • Sandhya Adhikari says :
    Huge Congratulations Everyone!! Green Cheers from Nepal!!
    Posted 21-02-2020 19:16

  • ALOK DHAKAL says :
    Congratulations Meena!!!
    Posted 21-02-2020 19:07

  • Sagar Koirala says :
    Congratulations to everyone selected .Great to be in the team .
    Posted 21-02-2020 18:17

  • Gaurav Adhikari says :
    Congrats to the teams from Nepal. So excited for you guys and will try to join you next time in the list of inspiring individuals.
    Green Cheers!!
    Posted 21-02-2020 18:14

  • Sandip Timilsena says :
    Congratulations to the newly selected ambassadors
    Posted 21-02-2020 18:01

  • Aditi Neupane says :
    Congratulations! Its so nice to see so many ambassadors representing Nepal .
    Posted 21-02-2020 17:38

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Congratulations to all the newly appointed ambassadors and fellow ambassadors who have extended their term.
    Looking forward another exciting term :)

    Posted 21-02-2020 17:13

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