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[World] Tell Us About Your Animal Event

by Eco Generation | 03-09-2021 10:52 Comments 15 Comments

tell us about your animal banner
Dear Eco-generation Family and Friends,

In celebration of the World Animal Day (Oct. 4th), we are opening an event titled 
"Tell Us About Your Animal!"

The World Animal Day is a world celebration designed to protect the rights of animals, and the first World Animal Day was held at the Sports Palace in Berlin, Germany on March 24, 1925. In the early days, the Germans, Austrians, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia were the only peopel who have celebrated this day. The World Animal Day was first established at the International Animal Protection Congress in Florence, Italy in May 1931.

Animal testing has long been part of the medical and cosmetic sectors and is abusing animals in terrible ways.
In order to celebrate the animals that live with us, various events are held all over the world on this day.

For that reason, we are going to hold an event on the theme of animals to celebrate this World Animal Day.

How about sharing some pictures or drawings related to animal with a brief explanation on introducing your pets, animals that can be seen in your area, your favorite animals, your fantasy animals, etc... ?

How to Participate:

1. Have a photo or your own drawing, write a brief sentences about the theme

2. Upload it at (Our Actions>Gallery)

3. When you upload, please insert [Tell Us About Your Animal] in your title

so that we know it's your participation for this event!

We will select the 3 most sincere artworks and send them 1 lucky box!
lucky box

*Only those works at the Gallery tab titled [Tell Us About Your Animal] will be considered.

*Submission deadline is October 4th 2021.

Please Note:

- Tariffs may be imposed on the goods when they are moved across a political boundary. Please understand that winners are responsible for payment of Duties and Tariffs arising from the delivery. The delivery of the goods may be postponed depending on the current delivery situation with EMS in each country with respect to COVID-19.

We look forward to all of your short stories about your animal! Cheers!

Best Regards,

Eco Generation Team


Anghy Aquino

  • Anghy Aquino says :
    Let's participate!!!
    Posted 01-10-2021 12:25

Prince Foley

  • Prince Foley says :
    Oh what a great opportunity
    Posted 30-09-2021 23:46

  • LENGA Audrey says :
    Interesting! I am participating!
    Posted 18-09-2021 22:05

Sara Dauletyarova

  • pallavi singh says :
    done with my work i hope you all will love my brother pogo
    Posted 04-09-2021 23:38

Vazira Ikhtiyorova

  • Sandhya Adhikari says :
    What is inside lucky box?? Haha excited to know.. Tunza You never fail to amaze us
    Posted 03-09-2021 15:13

  • Sandhya Adhikari says :
    Great opportunity!! I am surely going to share about my pet soon my exam ends ☘️
    Posted 03-09-2021 15:01

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    Great! tell us about your pogo! I would love to hear it:)
    Posted 03-09-2021 13:49

  • pallavi singh says :
    oh I would love to talk about my dog pogo.
    Posted 03-09-2021 13:18

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