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by Kushal Naharki | 24-01-2019 01:27 Comments 2 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Workshop on Climate resilient agriculture

Date: 02/02/2019 to 03/02/2019     Location: Nepal

Let's build up our knowledge base to tackle climate change and make agriculture more resilient. 
Join the 2 days workshop on "Climate Resilient Agriculture". 
Total Seats - 30 Registration 
Fee: NRs 200 (Registration + Lunch + Certificate + Stationery) 

The workshop will cover the following topics in different sessions: 1. Climate Change and its impact on agriculture and food security 2. Climate Change Adaptations and Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) 3. CSA technology for different agro-ecology 4. Scientific tools and methods for the assessment and evaluation of CSA 5. Idea presentation on Climate Resilient Agriculture 
Organized By: YPARD Nepal 
Supported By: Nepal Agricultural Engineering Students Society, Nepalese Society of Agricultural Engineers YPARD Nepal Chapter is being hosted by Nepal Food Scientists and Technologists Association.  

ypard nepal


Bwalya Bwalya

  • Bwalya Bwalya says :
    woow beautiful opportunity.
    Posted 03-02-2019 15:00

Sachin Regmi

  • Sachin Regmi says :
    Good to know about the opportunity :)
    Posted 24-01-2019 12:07

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