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by Kushal Naharki | 14-06-2019 05:53 Comments 3 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

State Youth Agriculture Conference

Date: 29/6/2019 to 30/6/2019     Location: Kohalpur. Banke

It is our distinct pleasure to invite you all to participate and your agency to partnership/attend on State Youth Agriculture Conference. The Conference is to give a chance to rural farmers enslaved in their little villages across the province Number five to present their products and to mingle with the industrial farmer. The conference brings together to move from an archaic agricultural sector using rudiment instruments to using modern equipment and new technology to boost their production.

This aims to create a positive strategy which will collaborate new technology and exchange of experience providing youths, including perspective women entrepreneurs, important knowledge on Nepal’s agricultural policy program, the intellect of critical agricultural information, agriculture innovation and sustainability which will enhance their eagerness and readiness for agricultural entrepreneurship

This conference could be the best platform for those who are already engaged in agriculture entrepreneurship, and those who are interested to initiate their participation in entrepreneurship, to learn, exchange and convey new skills while communicating with each other and Importantly motivation for youths and women to engage in the agricultural sector. It helps to start agribusiness for new and existing entrepreneurs and provides a complete package of learning and motivation for these entrepreneurs.

We are hopeful that this conference will be able to foster, develop and unite the Youth entrepreneurs, agriculture enthusiasts, experts from various sectors, representatives from government authorities, civil society organizations and farmers’ organizations.

objectives of the Conference

•    To identify policy issues and carry out advocacy with local and state government as well as allied sectors.

•    To build a strong partnership and exchange of experience amongst farmers and entrepreneurs.

•    To promote the role of youth (women) in agriculture as stakeholders of value addition and production.

•    To create a farmer-friendly environment and promote a suitable environment for youth and women agro entrepreneurship.

•    To promote Innovative ideas to enhance agriculture and entrepreneurship.

•    To give an opportunity for farmers to expose their products and their crops.

•    To share the latest technological development in agriculture sector among participants

•    To provide an excellent platform for networking and linkages among participants

•    To share information about different input suppliers including access to finance and outsourcing of farm technology services from private sectors.

Tentative Conference discussion matters

•    Advocacy for best Agro policy in province No 5   and the role of a young entrepreneur

•    Farming Therapy and Motivation/Family Farming in Rural Area

•    Food, Nutrition and Reproductive Health / SDGs and Agro- Entrepreneurship

•    How to Growth SMEs province level?

•    Engender Innovative Idea on Agro- Entrepreneurship

•    Communication for leadership and professional development

•    Understanding Agricultural communication in Nepali context

The deadline for application is 25 June 2019. Please follow the link www.4hnepal.org.np for the application. or please send the application to info@4hnepal.org.np. We’re looking your knowledgeable participation.

We look forward to welcoming you at Province Number Five

Thank you !

Event Flyer


Kushal Naharki

Bwalya Bwalya


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    wow, thank you so much
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