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Rwanda opportunity

Date: TBD to TBD     Location: kigali


Vacancy Notice:19/HCR/KGL/VN/034

Post Number: Internship 1

Duty Station: Kigali

Category and Level: Internship

Closing date of application:2019-06-25

Duration of assignment: Initially 2 Months

Organizational Context

The United Nations General Assembly mandated theUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to ensure protection and multi-sectoral assistance to refugees and asylum seekers. The Government of Rwanda through its Ministry In charge of Emergency Management (MINEMA) andUNHCR co-coordinate the refugee response for nearly 150,000 refugees, who live in six camps and urban areas. Across the country, five refugee camps have been established (Kigeme, Mugombwa, Gihembe, Nyabiheke, Kiziba) in order to host refugees fleeing armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the mid-1990s; and in 2012-13 due to renewed insecurity in the Eastern part of the country. A sixth camp (Mahama) was established in April 2015 in order tohost the mass influx of Burundian refugees fleeing election-related violence inBurundi. A small number of refugees live in reception/transit centers pending their relocation to camps. Approximately 12,000 refugees reside in urban areas, mainly from Burundi, with a smaller population of Congolese and other nationalities.

The refugee camps are located on hilly sites, are overcrowded with high risk of deforestation, soil erosion and landslides resulting in the creation of gullies and ravines that are very costly to rehabilitate; shelter collapsing, household air pollution and pollution of water resources in the area.

For environmental protection, construction of drainage channels, rehabilitation/restoration of eroded gullies and planting of trees within and around the refugee camp settings are among the activities being implemented subject to the availability of resources. 


UNHCR recognizes the important contribution that interns make by bringing new ideas and perspectives to the organization, and seeks to ensure interns gain knowledge and practical experience related to their academic studies.  Under the supervision of Associate Energy/EnvironmentOfficer, the intern will.

for more visit https://www.ndangira.net/internship-opportunity-unhcr-rwanda/


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