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by Nazaha Amatullah | 10-12-2019 14:56 Comments 10 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition

Date: N/A to June 30, 2020     Location: For all commonwealth countries

At last, this year’s ‘Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2020’ is launched!! If you’re eighteen or under eighteen (sorry to those who grew old too quickly), from the commonwealth countries, you can enter this competition! Of course, you’ve also got to be a writer. It says ‘essay’ in the title.

Any ways, there is a special reason why I am sharing this amazing opportunity with my dear Tunza members and ambassadors. Because this year, the topic is ‘environment’!

Wait, don’t just start writing yet. I was wrong. The topic isn’t ‘environment’; it’s ‘environment-related’. These people are very tricky about the topics. Creative, if you’re one to think brightly.

Here I present you the topics of this year for both junior and senior categories:


Born between 1 July 2002 and 30 June 2006 (14-18 years of age)

  1. Imagine you are President of one of the Commonwealth’s 31 Small States and you have been invited to give a speech on Climate Change to other Commonwealth leaders, what will you say

  1. There is no Planet B: How will Climate Change affect you and your community?

  1. ‘We will never stop fighting for this planet’ - Greta Thunberg. How can young people make change happen?

  1. The destruction of the Oceans everyone’s concern.


Born on or after 1 July 2006 (under 14 years of age)

  1. Imagine you are Planet Earth, what would you say to Humans?

  1. A Blue Commonwealth: it is not too late to save our oceans. True or False?

  1. In 2019, students in more than 100 countries walked out of school to protest climate change. How can young people get their voices heard and make a difference?

  1. My planet, my place.

The participants can choose one of the four topics from their categories and write according to it.

The last date of submission is 30 June, 2020. Don’t get lost by the number of days you have. This is a very severe competition and if you want to make it, you have to come up with a brilliant piece. Please keep in mind that whatever category you choose, make sure your writing piece depicts it. A good number of entries are discarded because they do not abide by their categories. 

So what are you waiting for? Get on with your pen and start writing. Each entrant will receive a certificate for participation and one winner and runner’s up will be selected from each category and will win a trip to London! I’m sure now I’ve got your full-time attention. But you do realize the competition, right? You will need to fight your way through.

Also note, they don’t mean ‘essay’ as in the kind we write in schools. QCEC welcomes entrants at the form of anything- stories, poems, plays and even illustrated writing concepts. You can be as creative as you want.

For more information, visit: 


For entering:



Aarati Khatri

  • Aarati Khatri says :
    Thank you so much for sharing
    Posted 30-06-2020 16:34

Jasmine Karki

  • Jasmine Karki says :
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Posted 30-03-2020 22:33

Susmita Horticulturist

Kushal Naharki

Basanta Adhikari

  • Basanta Adhikari says :
    Thank you so much for this opportunity
    Posted 25-02-2020 11:25

Claudiana Sleinx Saheintah Petit Homme

Muekara Monday

  • Muekara Monday says :
    Great opportunity for the younger ones.
    Posted 22-12-2019 04:59

Prasiddha Paudel


  • SANDIP PAUDEL says :
    love to share, but is restricted beyond commonwealth
    Posted 11-12-2019 18:18

Sagar  Koirala

  • Sagar Koirala says :
    Great Opportunity .Thanks for Sharing
    Posted 10-12-2019 21:13

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