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by Rajesh Chaulagain | 23-02-2020 13:30 Comments 12 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Global peace

Date: TBD to TBD     Location: null

Global Peace, as part of its Inter-Generational Dialogue (IGD) initiative, and in partnership with the UN75 Global conversations, will be hosting five regional online dialogues about the future that you want to see for our world.

We are currently looking for speakers to form part of the panels for the online IGDs. If you meet the criteria below and are interested in how best we can resolve the world’s challenges, and shape our future together, please connect with us.

Selection criteria
We are looking for representatives from young people, the private sector, academia and government who can actively support the objectives of Global Peace, and looking to advance the SDGs. The selection of speakers will be based on the following criteria:

DIVERSITY: Age, gender, experience, and expertise will be given due consideration.
IMPACT: Contributions, achievements and expertise should be on global issues.
ENGAGING: Be charismatic, engaging and have experience in speaking.
INSPIRE & INFLUENCE: be strong role models who can also inspire young people to make a positive impact in their communities.
To participate in the online dialogue, you must have access to good quality internet, as well as a computer with video and audio facilities.

Closing date for applications
Africa: 06 March 2020
Europe: 13 March 2020
Australia: 17 March 2020
Latin America: 20 March 2020
Asia: 24 March 2020

To apply
Please send a one page CV and one page letter of motivation with the subject line ONLINE IGD [INSERT REGION] to globalpeace@accord.org.za.


Global peace


Jasmine Karki

  • Jasmine Karki says :
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    Posted 30-03-2020 21:51

Hema  Sapkota

  • Hema Sapkota says :
    Thank you so much for this opportunity
    Posted 18-03-2020 10:49

Ishma Gurung

  • Ishma Gurung says :
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    Posted 17-03-2020 12:38

Susmita Horticulturist

Kushal Naharki

Basanta Adhikari

  • Basanta Adhikari says :
    Thank you so much for this opportunity
    Posted 25-02-2020 11:15

Sagar  Koirala

  • Sagar Koirala says :
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    Posted 24-02-2020 16:06

Aashutosh Shah

  • Aashutosh Shah says :
    Gland to know. Thanks for sharing
    Posted 24-02-2020 13:28

Sushil Airi

  • Sushil Airi says :
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    Posted 24-02-2020 01:05

Shreya Aryal

  • Shreya Aryal says :
    Thank you for sharing this information.
    Posted 23-02-2020 20:48

Meena Pandey

  • Meena Pandey says :
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    Posted 23-02-2020 20:25

Diana Gamazova

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