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by Sarvik Chaudhary | 10-08-2020 12:47 Comments 10 Comments recommendations 1 recommendations


Date: 15/10/20 to 18/10/20     Location: Turkey

Global Peace Summit Turkey 2020 (GPST) is providing opportunities to extraordinary young, competent and enthusiastic peace builders from 100+ countries. One, we develop their ideas and road maps moving closer to achieving the sustainable development goals. Two, we advocate for peace in their communities in order to counter extreme violence, hate and all forms of discrimination.

This summit aims to inspire youth to sharpen skills of peace education, facilitate the exchange of ideas and project sharing, and new network to form with like-minded individuals and world leaders.

This summit will provide an opportunity to students and young leaders to bring solutions and projects on “Reshaping Youth Response to UNSDGs” by participation in different peace sessions, talks, group discussions and activities with international delegates and speakers.

Global Peace Summit Turkey 2020 will foster mutual understanding and harness capacity building of youth. Social harmony, exposure, and ideation creates new impact. GPST also aims to engage young people in conflict resolution, amplify their voice for social justice and create harmonious environment among communities & societies.

Deadline: August 30 2020

For further details and application form:  https://www.globalpeacechain.org/gps-turkey-2020/

GPST 2020 Poster


Sonika Pariyar

  • Sonika Pariyar says :
    Wow! Great opportunity!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 10-08-2020 23:32

Susma Thapa

  • Susma Thapa says :
    Thank you for sharing.
    Posted 10-08-2020 15:28

Sarvik Chaudhary

  • Sarvik Chaudhary says :
    Yes Pratik it definitely is a wonderful summit and an incredible opportunity. :)

    Posted 10-08-2020 14:39

Sarvik Chaudhary

  • Sarvik Chaudhary says :
    I'm glad you liked it Sagar Bhai! :)

    Posted 10-08-2020 14:38

Sarvik Chaudhary

  • Sarvik Chaudhary says :
    I'm glad you liked it Sandhya! :)
    Posted 10-08-2020 14:37

Sarvik Chaudhary

Meena Pandey

  • Meena Pandey says :
    Thanks for sharing.
    Posted 10-08-2020 14:04

Sagar  Koirala

  • Sagar Koirala says :
    Thank You Sarvik Bhaiya for this wonderful opportunity.
    Posted 10-08-2020 13:57

Sandhya Adhikari

  • Sandhya Adhikari says :
    Thank for sharing such a wonderful opportunity. Keep Sharing.
    Posted 10-08-2020 13:47

Pratik Dawadi

  • Pratik Dawadi says :
    Really this is a wonderful summit going to be held . This keeps on developing or enpowering in youth mentality.
    From Nepal
    Posted 10-08-2020 13:36

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