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by Sandhya Adhikari | 26-09-2020 01:19 Comments 5 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Panel Discussion on World Rabies Day

Date: 27/9/2020 to 27/9/2020     Location: Virtual

Some facts about Rabies :
1) Any mammals, including human can be infected by rabies.
2) In Africa and Asia, dogs are mainly affected by rabies.
3) The rabies virus is transmitted through the saliva 
of an infected animals.
4) 40% of all rabies deaths are in children under 15 years old.
5) Rabies is 100% vaccine preventable.
6) Rabies virus is most lethal virus in history.
7) The rabies virus uses nerves as it's highway to the brain.
8) The time it takes to show symptoms of rabies depends on the distance virus has to travel to reach to brain.
9) Currently, the only definitive tests available for rabies are on post mortem samples.
10) In Geneva 2015, a global rabies 
meeting developed a framework 
for the elimination of dog-mediated 
human rabies deaths by 2030.

On the auspicious occasion of Rabies Week 2020, YES Agriculture, Veterinary wing presents you panel discussion on the theme " End Rabies: Collaborate, Vaccinate".
Date: September 27, 2020
Time: 3 PM onwards 
The discussion will be held through zoom and we will be live through our official facebook page.
Zoom id and password are as mentioned below :
Zoom Id: 513 960 3011
Password: yesag123

Let's unite together for minimizing this fatal disease cases.
Panel Discussion


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