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by Nadir Huseynov | 17-04-2021 23:06 Comments 4 recommendations 0

International campaign "Create for Peace" starts as part of the global campaign "Peace for Culture"

Date: 01/01/2021 to 31/12/2021     Type: Online

International campaign "Create for Peace" starts as part of the global campaign "Peace for Culture"

Global campaign "Peace for Culture" by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan is announced. The main goal of the campaign is to inform the world about the current situation in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan, the destroyed infrastructure and the genocide against culture and the recognition of the situation by the world's political and cultural elite, the preservation of cultural heritage in various conflict regions. It is a message to the world that the revival of culture and life in the liberated territories of our country can serve as an example to other regions, as well as a call not to repeat vandalism against any culture anywhere on the planet.

The global campaign "Peace for Culture" aims to study the role of peace in the development of culture, along with the protection of cultural heritage through peace, the establishment of peaceful and lasting peace-loving societies and the strengthening of international peace systems, as well as the role of culture in achieving peace.

The global campaign "Peace for Culture" is open to the participation of international organizations and foreign countries, local and international non-governmental organizations, businesses. This global project includes exhibitions on the state of cultural heritage, peace rallies, scientific and literary competitions, social media, photography and video, film, music and other audiovisual projects. As part of the campaign, the Ministry of Culture and the Creative Azerbaijan Platform are launching the international campaign "Create for Peace".

The conditions for participation in the campaign are very simple:

To participate in the campaign, you must send your work by e-mail ateshgahsgorta@gmail.com , You must indicate your name, surname and country in the subject line of the email,In the subject line, you must indicate your work, post code and postal address.

The most creative and interesting works will be regularly selected during the year-long campaign, and their authors and the most active participants of the campaign will be awarded.

The work on the campaign should cover one or more of the following topics :

The importance of peace in the development of culture, protection of cultural heritage,
Promotion of peaceful coexistence in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust,
Inculcation of tolerance and understanding against different cultures and traditions,
The transformation of anger, prejudice, hatred, various phobias and negative social tendencies and doctrines into mutual respect and trust,
Promoting equality and peace.

Note: Gifts will be delivered by post

Create and contribute to peace!
Create and contribute to peace!


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