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by Sureka Jeyakumar | 22-08-2022 15:36 Comments 5 recommendations 2

Looking for opportunities

Date: TBD to TBD     Type: Online

I am Sureka Jeyakumar. I am a grade 11 student. I am looking for opportunities(MUN, Competitions, Programs and Online campaigns) to participate. You can WhatsApp me in +971529435955. I haven't done any activities related to environment prior. This is a new field for me. Hope you all would support me. You can message me in the same number provided above for my resume and other details.
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  • AYADI MISHRA says :
    Hello! I am new here as well, great to have you here :)
    Posted 05-02-2023 20:13

  • Lord Offei Darko says :
    Good day,
    I am an environmental scientist looking forward to collaborate with other NGOs in writing proposals and resesrch materials such as articles and books.
    Posted 13-01-2023 16:52

Sagar  Koirala

  • Sagar Koirala says :
    Hi Sureka,
    I share opportunities in my linkedin post. You can follow me. I have over 17 k followers. You can whats app me in +9779851195867. I will help you .

    Posted 12-11-2022 10:01

Elina  Haber

  • Elina Haber says :
    Hi, when I joined this platform I also felt poor in experience, that's why I would like to share with you this opportunities platform, also follow them on Instagram. (link in telegram description).

    We provide all the students all the tools and resources,so that they can become successful in their academics life as well as personal life. We have seen thousands of student from very small place in the world, Don't havean acess to qualify of education, for them it is precious opportunity and platform to learn and share. If anyone of you are looking of any opportunities related to STEM, Arts and any other field. In short get updated with any competition, volunteering and important webinars, do join our community.

    If you wanted to help in return, just spread the word of opportunities to your friends,school and college so that we can reach more people and help them.

    Link to join our community:
    Posted 01-09-2022 17:10

  • Nolemeh Owai says :
    Hi Sureka
    I could help get you connected with a few i know
    Do add me up on whatsapp; +2349020007823
    Posted 26-08-2022 06:48

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