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by Pranav Ravi | 20-08-2023 12:31 Comments 3 recommendations 0

Dexconnect opportunity update

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Dexconnect (https://www.dexconnect.org/signup) is an opportunity discovery and preparation platform that connects students with global educational opportunities to explore varied academic and co-curricular disciplines and unlock their hidden interests and potential1. DexConnect Opportunity Updates are sent on the first Sunday of every month and contain world-class educational opportunities along with suggested resources that enable students to excel. Opportunities include competitions, conferences, scholarships, fellowships, awards, grants, workshops, and exchange programs across all fields such as Science and Technology, Leadership and Innovation, Policy and Research, Art and Design, Sports, etc. 
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Oleku Simeon

  • Oleku Simeon says :
    How to enroll on this , I'm so much interested!!
    Posted 23-08-2023 17:15

Yaovi Marcel  EDAH

Rahul Rajput

  • Rahul Rajput says :
    Thank you I have already enrolled myself.😊
    Posted 21-08-2023 03:11

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