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Write to me to Join the most passionate Youth Group to Work From Rio to 2015 and Beyond– By Simran Vedvyas

by Simran Vedvyas | 08-07-2012 16:09 recommendations 0 recommendations

Write to me to Join the most passionate Youth Group to Work From Rio to 2015 and Beyond– By Simran Vedvyas

Rio+20 has been a failure of epic proportions said by Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo But we have not failed so Join THE MOST PASSIONATE YOUTH GROUP to Work Beyond Rio+ 20, I have worked during the last few months and developed some reliable partnerships.

Email me with subject- to join youth group with a picture and short description about Self and I will send you all the details-



Hello Friends,

It gives me pleasure to say that I visited Rio de Janeiro, I tried my best to MOBILIZE-MOTIVATE AND PARTICIPATE in all possible ways. I met many Youth Groups and activists who are passionate and share the same concern as -You and Me, so we are joining hands together to work together on campaigns and projects and as we represent the Youth from around the world who are a major segment of the total world population and we all share the same concern -We all worked with hopes to have successful outcomes from Rio + 20, however the world was disappointed and Now we must ACT TOGETHER- JOIN TO LIVE OUR PASSION TO DELIVER THE VISION.

Our Group will have support from many Celebrities and Stars in time to come and the youth will have opportunity to work up close and personal with them and be the Change-makers.



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Time to Rise- For the World- and Be Wise

by Simran Vedvyas

The seas and oceans are no more blue

While animals have lost their charming hue

Landfills have got no space

So will we waste into outer space?

Roads and Buildings are everywhere

Can t even see the needed gardens anywhere

It s time we rise

It s time to rise

For they made mistakes

But our world is at stake

It s time we rise

It s time to rise

For we are the future

And the world we are to nurture

We have to care

That is – if we dare

It s time we rise

It s time to rise


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  • United Arab Emirates E-gen Ambassador Simran Vedvyas


Aaditya Singh

Raunak Kapur

  • Raunak Kapur says :
    Thanks for sharing this, Simran
    Posted 09-06-2013 13:26

  • AMAN AGRAWAL says :
    Interesting! i will send my details to you

    Posted 10-02-2013 02:56

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