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Trump Fires Environmental Emissions Policy

by Aldrin Aujero | 27-01-2018 19:00 recommendations 0

Donald Trump has always been against environmental efforts. In fact, he personifies most of our fears regarding the environment. This however, climaxed just this Thursday when the Trump administration decided to terminate a provision on the Clean Air Act by the EPA. 

John Walke, director for clean air issues at the Natural Resources Defense Council states that ?rolling back longstanding protections to allow the greatest increase in hazardous air pollutants," and that this would be "amongst the most dangerous actions the Trump administration has taken yet against public healths". 

This action can be traced back to fossil fuel companies' huge push for weaker regulations to reduce their expenses. 

Manufacturing companies are also chiming in with the push for more lenient laws regarding the environment for increased profits. 

Obviously this spell disaster for the environment. Not only would air pollution increase but such a reversal of environmental regulation could also have resounding effects all across the globe as countries continue to look up to the US as a prime model and example. 

I believe that we should take a step to counter such absurd actions. I will be starting a petition this month that would aim in countering anti-environment government policies and legislature and I would be needing your support!

Comment below if you are interested in saving our air, our environment and our planet!


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