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Food That Supports Health and The Environment

by Paisley Hansen Hansen | 23-05-2019 00:57 recommendations 1 recommendations

Eating healthy has become more popular over time, and now, people are beginning to consider how the foods they eat affect the world around them. A great deal of resources are used to bring food to your kitchen table, and the choices you make can have a big impact.  

1. Consider Going Plant-based

Eating vegan or vegetarian is another choice that is growing in popularity. According to statistics from 2018, there has been a 600 percent increase in people who practice vegan diets in the United States in the past few years. With so many people moving toward a plant-based diet, demand for healthy vegan products has increased the availability of these products.

Limiting or removing meat and other animal products from your diet can improve your health and help save the planet at the same time. Livestock account for a big percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, and it takes a large amount of food, water, electricity, land, and other resources to raise cattle. Between that and the fact that red meat has been shown to be damaging to human health, it makes sense to say goodbye to the burgers. According to research published in PNAS, widespread adoption of veganism could help avoid more than 8 million deaths by the year 2050.

If you’re not ready to go vegan, try going vegetarian for a while. If you’re not ready for that, try eating a few more plant-based meals each week. It’s not so much about eliminating animal foods completely as it is moving away from the idea that they should be staples in every meal.

2. Consider Eating Local

Every time you buy something at the grocery store, consider what it took for that item to arrive on the shelf. Many items are shipped long distances, sometimes from distant countries like China. While there’s nothing wrong with purchasing an imported item once in a while, choosing to buy local items as much as possible can really help the planet. Eating local usually means enjoying more farm-to-table options, which means you'll be eating more fresh produce and improving your health.

3. Consider the Companies You Buy From

It’s important to look into the companies you buy from. You might have many questions about certain foods. Are canned soups good for you? Are protein bars good for you? The answers depend on the company. If a protein bar is made by a company with good environmental practices using carefully sourced ingredients, then it might be an excellent choice for a quick meal.

Things aren’t black and white. Processed foods aren’t automatically bad, and whole foods aren’t always excellent for you. After all, butter and cream are whole foods, and canned veggies are processed. When you’re considering a new food choice, do some research on the company first. Look for companies that give something back to the local community and make an effort to be environmentally friendly.

4. Consider Never Being Wasteful

Waste is a huge issue. Statistics show that up to half a pound of food is wasted for every meal served at a restaurant. Food is also wasted when you allow it to grow moldy in the fridge. If you commit to making use of every last morsel you purchase, you'll be doing the environment and your body a favor.

Eating everything on your plate can help you stick to a dietary plan. You won't be at risk of picking at your vegetables and then pigging out on junk food later on. As an added bonus, you’ll be ensuring that the resources used to bring food into your home aren’t wasted.

When it comes to eating for health and the environment, it’s all about baby steps. Don’t pressure yourself to be perfect. Instead, work on making steady changes and sticking to positive habits.

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Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Hello Paisley

    Thanks for the report
    Posted 17-06-2019 16:14

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    Hello Paisley,

    Surely, a good diet plan can definitely help the environment! Thank you for sharing these amazing tips.
    Posted 23-05-2019 10:33

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