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5 Ways To Make Your Workplace Eco-Friendly

by Paisley Hansen Hansen | 29-06-2019 06:24 recommendations 0

Drastic changes are witnessed in the whole world every year, especially in the state of the climates and seasons. Just this year, numerous states experienced a winter which was never seen before due to Polar Vortex. Meanwhile, there are widespread water shortages in some parts of the world. The generations of destroying natural resources are finally reflecting back to this generation. With raised awareness, a lot of people are now practicing greener alternatives which help the planet recover. Businesses are adapting to this by also making their workplaces a greener place.

Green offices are now becoming popular, with companies getting more and more aware of their social responsibility to help the planet recover. Some would use renewable energy for their operations, like China's JD, who launched solar-powered delivery vehicles last year. Meanwhile, there are businesses who apply green practices in their daily office operations. Here are the five best ways in order to make your office work more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Reduce Paper Usage

When it comes to paper usage, companies are one of the biggest contributors of waste paper. According to the Tech Republic, 90% of all office waste in the US comes from offices and are often from corrections, revisions, and updates which are often needed for office files such as reports and transactions. The remaining 90% of the paper usage comes from the stock from storage facilities.

One of the best ways to reduce paper usage is through using a document management system or DMS. A DMS is a system which track, manage, and store documents. In this method, a company can reduce its paper consumption by keeping things in a digital form whenever it is possible.

Save Electricity And Water

Electricity and water are important utilities in an office. Computers and other machines will not run without electricity, while water is one of the basic needs in order to function. When you save these resources, you don't just help in recovering the planet's health, you will also save more funds for your operations.

One of the best ways to save electricity is to unplug devices that are not being used. Turn off taps when not in use and to avoid leaks. You can also slow down the flow rate of water in order to save more, this can be done by installing low-flow faucet aerators. For both electricity and water, always update your stuff if needed to enjoy more savings because outdated devices usually consume more.

Use Reusable Office Supplies

Instead of using one-use office supplies, use supplies that can be refilled repeatedly. This is to reduce adding up wastes that end up in landfills. Products such as refillable pens, staple-less staplers, post-consumer contents, and other recyclable supplies are encouraged in order to promote recycling. Another way to help in making a greener workplace is to reduce products that don't have green alternatives.

Use Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is now being developed for wide-scale distribution. Electricity from turbines and hydroelectric energy are becoming more famous. The previously called "natural gas", and is now called "Freedom Gas", is being utilized more, with the government encouraging usage and development. As of now, the most common type of renewable energy used is solar energy, and what makes it easier to embrace is that solar energy can be used in organizations of any size.

Encourage Office Members To Use Reusable Resources

The real effort starts from members, managers are advised to highlight company policies in favor of green and renewable practices. One of the initiatives that are easy to adapt is by bringing reusable water bottles and using utensils instead of paper plates and plastic cups.

Greener workplace does not only help in conserving energy. It is also a good way to take care of our planet and avoid further damage. Bringing a plant in the office is also a good idea. The effort to save the environment starts with people, and there's no better way to inspire changes than to start at the office workplace.

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Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Hello Paisley

    I do hope that you are fine and doing great with your works.
    Thank you for your report

    Green Cheers from Nepal :)
    Keep writing great reports.
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    Kushal Naharki

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