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by Sruthi Shanker P | 28-07-2019 15:04 recommendations 2 recommendations

Vanishing wildlife : 22 species have gone extinct in India

Four species of fauna and 18 species of flora have gone extinct in India in the past few centuries, according to wildlife survey organisations.

The data was tabled earlier this month in the Indian Lok Sabha by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

A.A. Mao, Director of the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) said India is home to 11.5% of all flora in the world. According to the International Union for Conservation Of Nature, a new study has shown that since 1750, more than double the number of plants have disappeared from the wild than birds, mammals and amphibians combined.

Notable among the extinct flora are

Lastreopsis wattii , a fern in Manipur discovered by George Watt in 1882.

 Three species from the genus Ophiorrhiza (Ophiorrhiza brunonis , Ophiorrhiza caudate and Ophiorrhiza radican - all discovered from peninsular India). 

Corypha taliera Roxb, a palm species discovered in Myanmar and the Bengal region by William Roxburgh is also extinct.

Unexpected list of extinct species -

Cheetah (Acionyx jubatus

Sumatran rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensisi)

Pink-headed duck (Rhodonessa caryophyllaceai

Himalayan quail (Ophrysia supercililios) was last reported in 1876.

Kailash Chandra, Director of ZSI, said that the four animals can be found in other parts of the world. India has about 6.49% of all the fauna species in the world, he said.

Factors like “competition, predation, climate changenatural selection, and human induced factors like hunting, habitat degradation” are some of the important reasons that have led to these extinctions, the Ministry said.

Friends, we need to stop this. If not, in the next 50 years or so, we are going to be the next oness!

The following are a few tips to prevent extinction -

  1. Reduce Carbon footprint - This indeed reduces pollution and enhances health standards.

  2. Spread awaresness about the issues.

  3. Use Sustainable products and recycle everything that you can.

  4. Never encourage poaching and use it just for the case of luxury.

  5. Stay away from Animal Abuse. After all, even teasing and threatening stray dogs counts as one. Report immediately if you spot anyine doing so. Please!

  6. Enjoy Nature as it is. The Spirit of Nature is immortal, and let it rather be that way. Nature is our boon and blessing! Feel it, see it and relish it.

  7. Never purchase illegal products, such as ivory, tortoise-shell, coral. Also, be careful of products including fur from tigers, polar bears, sea otters and other endangered wildlife species.

"The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?"
                                                                - DavidAttenborough

Protect Wilflife

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Sruthi ShankerP

  • India Youth Sruthi Shanker P


Meena Pandey

  • Meena Pandey says :
    The earth can fulfill or needs but not our greeds.To maintain the ecosystem,its time to abide by global rules and regulations to the people.
    Its our duty to save all the creatures of the world.
    Keep writing and shining.
    Posted 16-09-2019 02:07

Sruthi Shanker P

  • Sruthi Shanker P says :
    Rightly said, Sandip! It is all upon us and our decisions which make the final call :)
    Sruthi Shanker
    Posted 29-07-2019 01:10


  • SANDIP PAUDEL says :
    World is our and protecting all species is our duty.

    Wildlife_Our_Assets @Attention
    Posted 28-07-2019 21:56

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