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Source of life and growing risk in South Asia

by SANDIP PAUDEL | 02-08-2019 03:00 recommendations 0 recommendations

Risks to water in South Asia emanates from both climate and non-climatic drivers

Melting of glaciers and its impacts and risks on mountain people and downstreamentirely attributable to anthropogenic climate change

Groundwater over-exploitationand its impacts on agriculture andcities, is mostly driven by non-climatic factors, though exacerbated by CCand is largely a result of poor policies

Actions needed are different
      •Saving our glaciers needs global community to adhere to their climatepledges;
      •While sustainable use of groundwater needs more national and local action

Disaster risk is increasing
Floods, droughts, landslides, glacial lake outburst floods

One-third of disasters are floods,many crossing national borders

More than 1 billion people at risk ofexposure to increasing frequency and intensity of natural hazards

Women more susceptible to naturaldisasters then men.

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  • Nepal Former E-gen Ambassador SANDIP PAUDEL


Sunmoon  Jyakhwa

  • Sunmoon Jyakhwa says :
    The report about climate change is well composed and very informative.. thanks for sharing the report..
    Posted 20-08-2019 19:12

Usha Amulya Narem

  • Usha Amulya Narem says :
    The disaster scale in the world has accentuated to a great extent in the past decade. your article is like a wake up call. nice one.
    Posted 11-08-2019 21:20

Asmita Gaire

  • Asmita Gaire says :
    Hello sandip
    When non climatic factors were already drivers for potential risks today climatic factors because of human deeds itself has increased risk greatly.
    Thank you for the report.
    Green cheers!
    Posted 06-08-2019 12:41

Nishan kc

  • Nishan kc says :
    @ Sandip,
    the article seems wonderful The climate change is nowadays a great issue of concern
    thank you for the report!!
    Posted 06-08-2019 01:53

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