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“International Youth Day: Transforming Education”

by Vazira Ikhtiyorova | 07-08-2019 13:30 recommendations 1 recommendations

Why should we save our planet?

Today an introductory mini event was held for little kids aged up to 7. The Tunza Eco-Generation promotional good came late, that's why I am late with organizing projects for youth to raise their awareness about environmental issues, climate change, etc.

I thought it is important to let my own family know because we all should start from our families to make them know about it too. I invited my home, my nephews, to participate in mini-workshop devoted to International Youth Day about transforming education. 

As participants say, they did not expect that much interactive workshop. We greeted each other and I explained to them about the Tunza Eco-Generation platform. They could not understand what does the Tunza Eo-Generation mean, yet after a while, we started talking about saving our Earth. 

Children were asked to draw a picture of how they envisage our green world. They were given 25 minutes to draw and thought of their little story to tell. Their journey to Eco world was quite full of fun and joy because they all shared their ideas and opinion. 

After the picture session, we had a Q&A time. We asked each other how we can contribute to the place where we live. These 4 kids were so passionate about expressing their opinions regarding this amazing platform.

In the end, I gave them gifts to thank for their active and valuable participation in this mini-workshop. Moreover, we wanted to remember this day forever and took group photos with these sparkling eyes.

I do hope that I somehow could impact on their decisions towards their eco-interests. Hence, education is a really important factor in raising awareness and taking action on climate. Moreover, education is vital because it promotes LLL (Lifelong Learning Opportunities) which stands for the fourth goal in the Sustainable Development Goals agenda for 2030.

 Here are some photos to be shared, hope you enjoyed:) 

drawing the pic process the youngest participant environment explaining their pics group photo


  • Uzbekistan E-gen Ambassador Vazira Ikhtiyorova


Usha Amulya Narem

  • Usha Amulya Narem says :
    Great initiative for the young minds.
    Posted 11-08-2019 21:14

Sandhya Adhikari

  • Sandhya Adhikari says :
    Wow this programme seems to be so much interesting, a mini workshop with the children. Honestly speaking the picture drawn by this little hands are so much beautiful. Teaching and involving these small kids for the protection of mother earth is really so much inspiring work.
    keep going om.
    Green Cheers.
    Posted 08-08-2019 00:31

Nihat Hajiyev

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