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Global warming: its causes, effects, dependence on human actions, link with regional cooling.

by Nihat Hajiyev | 08-08-2019 03:00 recommendations 0 recommendations

In simple terms, global warming is the term used to describe the average temperature on Earth rising at dramatic levels. Global temperature has been subject to 0.8° Celsius since the year 1880 and majority of hottest years occurred in 21st century. So, you have an obvious right to ask a question: Why are these huge rises considered to be universal problem around which internationally recognized debates take place nowadays?

There are many consequences briefly explaining us the scope of global warming. Pronounced expansion in sea levels as a result of melting ice, extreme catastrophes, growing number of wildfires and hurricanes, direct side effects over human health, damage toward all the ecosystems, specifically marine life, more critical records of drought, flooding, shifts in animal foraging patterns are mostly know results of it. That list is not even complete and can easily be enlarged. In a nutshell, global warming is not only detrimental to the current functioning of ecological elements, but also to the preservation of our future.

In my last debate activity, the resolution is about humans` contribution to the occurrence of global warming. Noticeable portion of the participants use some assumptions and facts to back up their arguments in favor of the motion that activities of humans are exaggerated by the mass media in terms of global warming. But is it really like this? The most fundamental factor leading to this trouble is determined to be greenhouse gases, and atmospheric pollution. As everybody knows, greenhouse gases are exhausted from wide utilization of industrial processes, inefficient and unsustainable energy usage by humans. This gives us enough reason to see ourselves as a guilty in this case.

Abnormalities are observed in the current physical trends around the world. Although we are concerned about the global warming, some regions, mainly Middle Eastern and South American countries, tend to live regional cooling which predominantly seems quite surprising. Actually, regional cooling does not have any clear relationship with global warming and, thus, it is interdependent with some local circumstances, cyclones, carbon dioxide levels etc.

Through this report, I drew attention to some of key features global warming has and explain a misunderstanding about regional cooling. Hope all of us will be living in better world shortly!


  • Azerbaijan E-gen Ambassador Nihat Hajiyev


Nihat Hajiyev

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