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by Silindokuhle Mthamzeli | 17-08-2019 20:19 recommendations 0 recommendations

Hi everyone I'm from South Africa under the RNDA(Regeneration Neighborhood Development Agency). A few weeks back we were taught about groundwater. What it is, how it is negatively affected by the things we do as humans. From what I heard, groundwater was defined as water that infiltrates the ground and is stored in aquifers or underground. In order for us to have groundwater it first needs to precipitate. Then the water runs off into rivers and into the sea. As the water is running off some of it is absorbed by the ground and is stored in rocks. The water is then regarded as groundwater and can be extracted through bore holes and wind pipes. Human activities such as mining have a very negative effect on groundwater as it changes the quality of the water from an alkaline to an acidic form. I learnt a lot from the session and it was so much fun!
Testing for Electrical conductivity, pH and Temperature The Eco club. Learners were viewing the type of rocks that store water. Rosa and her friend are teaching us about groundwater. This is Sis Vuyi(RNDA ambassador) and Rosa(eco-generation ambassador) showing us how to check for the quality of water, if it is good enough to be drank by humans.


  • South Africa Youth Silindokuhle Mthamzeli


Patrick  Obumselu

  • Patrick Obumselu says :
    How can we help preserve the quality of ground water?
    Posted 18-08-2019 07:25

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