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Advantages of biopesticides in Agriculture

by Sunmoon Jyakhwa | 20-08-2019 19:57 recommendations 0 recommendations

Advantages of Biopesticides in Agriculture:

Biopesticides are certain types of pesticides derived from natural materials like:- animals, plants, bacteria and virus. According to EU, biopesticides are ' a form od pesticide based on microorganisms or natural products'.
US EPA states that biopesticides include naturally occuring substances that control pests(bio chemical pesticises), microorganisms that control pests (microbial pesticides)  and pesticidal substances produced by plants containing added genetic material (Plant-Incorporated Protectants). 

Some examples of Microbes used as biopesticides:-
  • Bacteria: Bacillus thuriengeinsis is widely used as a biopesticide for soft bodied lepidopteran pests. 
  • Viruses: NPV (Nuclear Polyhederosis Virus),  Cydia Pomonella Granulosis Virus (CpGV) 

  • fungi: Metarhizium anisopliae, Beuveria bassiana against pests found in the soil like:- white grub, red ant, termites, cutworms. 
Advantages of biopesticides:

  • Biopesticides are biodegradable. The active ingredients of biopesticides are rapidly degradable. 
  • Biopesticides are effective in very small quantities that largely avoida pollution problems caused by conventional pesticides. 
  • Incorporating biopesticides into a sustainable agriculture system is that they are generally more environment friendly. 
  • Biopesticides have no adverse effects of residues on humans or other organisms.
  • Use of biopesticides donot develop or makes difficulty in development of resistance in the pests against biopesticides. 
  • Biopesticides only kills the target pests ans do not damage the soil, water supply or the wildlife including the benificial insects. 
  • The use of biopesticides improve root and plant growth by enhancing the soil microflora and results in increased agriculture production. 
  • They are less toxic than the conventional pesticides. 
Thus, biopesticides are the best alternatives for thw management of the pests in an eco-friendly manner. The use of biopesticides as an alternative to the conventional pesticides enhance the sustainability in agricultural production and supports the SDGs for conservation of the eco-system. 

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Sunmoon Jyakhwa

  • Nepal Youth Sunmoon Jyakhwa


Patrick  Obumselu

  • Patrick Obumselu says :
    I love the illustration of the composition of biopesticides. They are chemicals.
    Posted 21-08-2019 04:25

Shreya Aryal

  • Shreya Aryal says :
    Hello Sunmoon,
    How are you doing?
    Yes,bio pesticides are the best alternatives for the chemical pesticides used haphazardly these days.This post can help people getting idea and adopt biopesticides.
    Green Cheers,
    Posted 21-08-2019 00:44

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