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5 Unknown Impacts Backyard Pools Have on the Environment

by Kevin Devoto | 22-08-2019 06:37 recommendations 0

Having an inground pool, especially in warmer regions of the country, seems like a worthy investment to homeowners. Although it requires funding and maintenance costs that homeowners aren’t always aware of, the environmental impacts are also rarely considered. Installing an inground pool does have impacts on the ozone, water, and energy use which directly impairs the environment. However, there are alternatives that can be taken into consideration in order to make a pool more eco-friendly.


The first impact that pools have on the environment are the chemicals that are used to treat the water and kill bacteria. Although many of these chemicals do not have a huge impact on the environment initially, once the pool is drained, or if there is any over-splash, the chemically treated water is then absorbed into the surrounding soil. Although soil is a natural filter, there is no doubt that the chemicals in the water have an impact on the environment. If you think of even more costs, the companies that produce these chemicals also have an impact on the environment industrially. The chemicals that are produced as a biproduct during production and shipping just compound the overall toxicity.

Water Consumption

The second impact that inground swimming pools Pensacola residents long for is the amount of water that it takes to fill it. In many regions of the United States, there are seasons of mass drought. The heat becomes unbearable for some homeowners, which is why installing an inground pool sounds so wonderful. However, the amount of water that it takes to fill a pool is immense. With water shortages already being a problem in many areas of the country, many people are very aware at the environmental cost is to installation and have concerns about that.

Water Pollution

The third impact that inground pools have on the environment is water pollution. As noted above, the chemicals that are used to treat an inground pool can be drained into the local area. The chemicals in the water potentially can mix with surrounding ground water. The water pollution can influence local eco-systems, introducing potentially harmful toxins into lakes, rivers and streams. Although many people are aware of this when they drain their pool, rarely do individuals use eco-friendly chemicals out of fear that they don’t work as well.


The fourth impact inground pools have on the environment is the amount of energy it takes to light, pump and maintain the inground pool. In some areas, where electricity is supplied by means of coal, the consistent use of energy to heat, filter and light an inground pool can sky rocket energy usage. One pool may not seem like a lot, but when you add up all of the homeowners who enjoy this recreational amenity, the energy usage surely adds up.

CO2 Emissions

With the increase of energy and the use of chemicals, there is no doubt that pools produce CO2 emissions that are harmful to our ozone and atmosphere. Reducing a carbon footprint in order to prevent climate change has become a hot topic in American society. Inground pools are a luxury, which contributes to the overall carbon footprint. Although the impacts may not seem detrimental immediately, overtime the affects add up and can potentially change the overall climate.

There are many people who think that having an inground pool is a wonderful idea. For those who live in warmer regions, it is almost a necessity to them. However, the environmental impacts of an inground pool can wreak havoc. Again, although one pool won’t make much of a difference, when you add up all the pools on the block, then the county, then the state, then the region, then the country- it truly does add up to one large environmental impact. There are newer solutions to help make pools more environmentally friendly available. Doing some research on how to reduce the carbon footprint of your pool can help make this planet that much more enjoyable for future generations. 

Backyard pools seem to be as popular today as T.Vs

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