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Monthly Report - ACT FOR THE AMAZON

by Anishka Jha | 01-10-2019 03:43 recommendations 0 recommendations

The amazing amozon rain forest continuous to amaze us with its rich bio diversity and its vital carbon store, inspite of over expoitation by humans. Covering 2.1 million square miles of land of South America, Amazon forest has vast expanse ranging from Brazil, Peru to Columbia and some portions of other South American countries.


The Amazon rainforest has long been recognized as a repository of ecological services not only for local tribes and communities, but also for the rest of the world. It is also the only rainforest that we have left in terms of size and diversity.  The forest filters and reprocess the world’s harmful carbon dioxide output. The trees of the rain forest play a key role in reducing pollutant levels by taking in  CO2 and releasing oxygen. No wonder Amazon rain forest is called the “lungs of the world”

Unfortunately, Brazil that is home to 60% of the Amazon rainforest, has witnessed a highest number of fires in this year as per Brazilian space agency data report. There has been an increase of 76% in comparison to last year during the same period. Due to such a devastating fire an area of rain forest as large as the size of a football pitch is cleared every minute.


Dry season and naturally occurring events like lightning strikes  are commonly the cause of forest fire but the unprecedented number of fires that has been ripping through the Amazon rain forest this year is believed to be the handwork of farmers and loggers clearing land for crops or grazing.

As per the report most of the area is cleared for timber and farming. The illegal loggers use machines and bulldozers to bring down the valuable hardwood trees and then they sell it in the black market. The timber is  later cleared or burned to prepare the land for farming. Countess herds of cattle have been seen in the cleared land that used to be forest area full of trees. This is popularly called slash and burn practice in the forest.


As per the estimate the trees of the Amazon forest pulls in carbon dioxide in its billions of trees, accumulated over thousands of years that would otherwise if left in the atmosphere, it would sharply raise the global temperatures. Climate change will accelerate if greenhouse gases are not pulled by the trees of Amazon forest.

The forest is also the richest home to biodiversity on the planet, a habitat for perhaps one-tenth of all species of plants and animals.

Because of  the ravaging fire in the forest , air pollution has increased  sharply in Brazil. There is more soot in the air. Since fire isn’t a natural phenomenon in the region, it can have an impact on local plants and animals. In the Amazon, plants and animals are unusually sensitive to fire.


To protect Amazon rain forest, Government and authorities need to place stringent control on the forest areas. Surge in deforestation and fires needs to be stopped with immediate effective action.

Initiatives should be taken to protect the forest land and the rights of its communities. Forest local residents should be funded to live sustainably in the region. They should develop local alternative to live in harmony with nature, resisting destructive practices like cutting trees for black market selling.

If we reduce the use of paper, toilet paper and use recycled wood, it will reduce the pressure on the remaining forest. Use tree- free paper alternatives as it is made from agricultural products like waste straw, kenaf, and hemp, so not a single tree is cut down for its production.

Last but not the least an adequate structure and infrastructure should be placed to integrate the local community, indigenous people, NGOs, companies and government and military, education and research centres and forest protection system should be established to protect our amazing Amazon rain forest.

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  • United Arab Emirates E-gen Ambassador Anishka Jha


Prakriti  Ghimire

  • Prakriti Ghimire says :
    Thanks for such an wonderful piece of writing.
    Keep writing and shining.
    Posted 02-10-2019 14:10

Meena Pandey

  • Meena Pandey says :
    Hello Anishkha!!!
    I hope you are fine and doing great.
    Amazon has amazing feature.So we must act effectively to control its fire.

    Keep writing and shining.
    Hope to learn more from you.
    Warm regards,
    Meena Pandey
    Posted 01-10-2019 14:02

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