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Everyday Organically Made Home Items and Furniture You Didn't Know Existed

by Paisley Hansen | 05-10-2019 02:31 recommendations 0 recommendations

For the past 10 years, there has seemed to be a dramatic change in the way we think about products these days. Lately, researchers have found that thousands of companies have been taking a shortcut on the quality of making products that contain harsh chemicals and ingredients. And some of these products are probably products you never knew could be toxic. This includes scented candles, laundry detergent and even the bed sheets we sleep on. But as of right now, there are thousands of items on the market that many people thought were completely natural and healthy and had no idea that they could even be organic. In fact, many of these household items are made by companies that do not take shortcuts in their quality and provide organic household products for the public. Here are a few everyday normal household items you probably had no idea about could be organic:

Intelligently and Organically Made Mattresses

Over the past 10 years, there has been some cleverly developed beds that have been designed with a remote controller to adjust bed temperatures and resting levels. But even with the cool technology we have today with adjustable beds, many of them still are made with materials that are toxic and even skin irritating at night. But luckily, this is not the case with talalay latex mattresses, which is an organic material alternative to traditional cotton that doesn't contain chemicals, toxins and pesticides. Many people have no clue that you can buy a mattress that is organic and synthetic free. But the truth is, most mattresses are made with cotton material filled with dangerous chemicals and additives. Sleeping on a mattress with made with talalay and latex materials is known to be the most healthiest mattress material to sleep on, which eventually results into a better night's rest.

Organic Bed Fabric Made out of Organic Plants ( Hemp, Soy, Cotton, ect.)

Ever since cannabis became legal after so many years of being forbidden, there has seemed to be a wild whisper spreading all over the country of industrial experts saying “It Is The Next Big Thing!” according to bloomberg.com. And if you haven't noticed, it has been taking a big sweep on the west coast almost completely including the states of Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada. But even though the cannabis industry seems to be growing super fast, there are still some people that have no idea about it. But did you know hemp is being used to make organic bed fabric? Yes, you heard correctly! Scientists have found a way to decompress the hemp plant and make organic natural hemp bed spreads! Your probably thinking "how is there a such thing as organic bed sheets/" But it comes to find out that over 80% of bed sheets made today are made with synthetic ingredients and cheap cotton grown with pesticides.

But on the flip side, some newer companies are making there bed sheets out of other organic plants such as hemp, soy and organic cotton. These organically grown bed sheets are considered more high-quality than normal bed sheets made with pesticide infested cotton. These sheets are also known to be more Eco-friendly than scientifically altered cotton. Organic bed sheets are also known to be healthier for babies to sleep in since their skin is so soft and delicate. So the next time you go shopping and you think that your bed sheets are totally healthy to buy, you might want to check and see if there are any organic bed sheets available. To know more details about organic bed sheets and why they are worth buying, go to myessentia.com

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Horticulturist Susmita

  • Horticulturist Susmita says :
    Hello paisley
    I hope you are doing well
    Thank you so much for this report
    Keep writing
    Green cheers
    Posted 25-03-2020 10:41

Asmita Gaire

  • Asmita Gaire says :
    Hello paisley
    I hope you are well.

    Thank you so much for letting us know about household goods affecting us and the remedies for it.

    Indoor plants are also kept by people to reduce the harm to certain level.

    Thank you for this report.

    Green Cheers
    Asmita Gaire
    Posted 11-10-2019 02:10

Sandhya Adhikari

  • Sandhya Adhikari says :
    Hello Paisley!!!
    Namaste from the land of Mount Everest,
    I do hope you are fine there and doing great with your works,
    Definitely in the motive of earning money and become prosperous, people do not consider the health of other people, they are using low quality products although we have organic products which are eco friendly.
    So the extension of the organic materials should be prioritized.
    keep writing such an informative report,

    Looking forward to read much more from you,


    Posted 06-10-2019 21:34

Prakriti  Ghimire

  • Prakriti Ghimire says :
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful piece of writing
    Posted 05-10-2019 18:28

Meena Pandey

  • Meena Pandey says :
    Hello Paisley!!!
    I hope you are fine and doing great.
    Thank you for such an informative piece of writing.
    Of course,there exist an organically made many households which we don't care of.
    There should be an extensive use of those materials.
    Extension of those materials is of prior importance than other.

    Keep writing and shining.
    Hope to know more from you.

    Warm regards,
    Meena Pandey

    Posted 05-10-2019 12:28

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