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Biodiversity and its degradation.

by Sandhya Adhikari | 12-10-2019 01:35 recommendations 0 recommendations

Biological diversity connotes: "The range of genetic differences, species differences and ecosystem differences" in a particular area of region (U.N., 1997). Biodiversity refers to the variety and variability of all animals, plants and micro-organisms on earth. It includes- genera, species and community (ecosystem and habitats). The rich biodiversity is reflected by the number of species, genera and ecosystem present at each level. The term “Life of Earth” is equally used to denote bio-diversity which describes the number, variety and variability of living organisms.


Biodiversity is a holistic concept and comprises the whole spectrum of conservation activities dealing from the in-situ conservation of population, communities and ecosystem to ex-situ conservation involving zoos, botanical gardens, zoological gardens, gene banks for storing sperms, embryo, tissue, organs and DNA. Biodiversity conservation is a complex process that properly maintains ecological balance thereby reduces green house gases and control global warming, protects flora and fauna, and conserves resources.


Carry and Moony (1990) reported that about 75% of genetic diversity of the most important crops has disappeared from farms during this century due to the monoculture. These losses in genetic diversity had increased vulnerability and reduced the essential variety of diets of rural people. Nepal has developed an impressive network of protected areas covering 18.33% of national geographic area as a means of conserving its biodiversity. However, problems have been emerged in the management of these protected areas.


Status of biodiversity in Nepal

§          Nepal ranks 27th in its biodiversity richness in global context and 11th in continental basis.

§          There are 118 ecosystems existing in this country


               Table: Different types of flora and fauna have been identified in Nepal





Vascular plant species

>7000 species


175 species

Medicinal plant

>700 species


858 species

Flowering plant

370 species


600 species


1670 species

Dragon flies

185 species


687 species


50 species


465 species


185 species


853 species


5052 species


383 species


43 species




100 species

Biodiversity conservation has economic benefits along with the environmental & aesthetic values.

1.      All floras and faunas are the beauty of green forest.

2.      Lack of wildlife causes imbalance in the environment i.e. disturbance in ecosystem's elements of food chain may causes environmental imbalance.

3.      Biodiversity serves as the basis for eco-tourism i.e. wild birds, animals and flora helps in flourishing wild trade because many tourists come to Nepal for watching the threatened and endangered wildlife and country has economic gain.

For instance

a.       60, 000 foreign tourists visit Chitwan National Park annually which collects $ 6, 90, 000 entrance fee, $ 7,40,000 elephant ride fee and generate total revenue $ 5 million  (including lodging and fooding).

b.      1,20,000 people from Chitwan enter Royal Chitwan forest for two weeks and collect 15 million kg thatch grass of value Rs 30 million and the revenue from permit is Rs 3, 64, 000.


Thus  to sum up there is the great requirement of biodiversity conservation, we can protect it by various strategies through insitu conservation, declaration of buffer zone, protected area, community forest  protections and so on.

SOURCE: internet, blog and newspaper.


  • Nepal E-gen Ambassador Sandhya Adhikari


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Sandhya Adhikari

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Sandhya Adhikari

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