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Why You Should Buy From Eco-Friendly Brands

by Kevin Devoto | 15-09-2020 07:22 recommendations 0

Many consumers want to buy from brands that share some of their personal values. If you’re environmentally conscious, that means choosing companies that put sustainability at the front of what they do. Here are five reasons why you should consider making your purchases from eco-friendly brands.

There Are More Sustainable Options Than Ever

From clothing retailers to furniture makers, there’s a wide range of brands that are placing their focus on sustainable products. You can buy a bed in a box that’s made from eco-friendly materials. You can purchase shoes that are made from recycled plastic water bottles. Everywhere you look, there are new, stylish options to outfit your wardrobe or your home without having a negative impact on the environment. With so many sustainably minded buying options, you can be environmentally conscious without giving up choices.

Environmentally Minded Buyers Are in Good Company

Barrons reports that nearly 70% of consumers think it is important for a brand to be eco-friendly, according to a recent marketing survey. Buyers are also willing to pay more for products from a brand that makes sustainable choices, the survey found. Survey respondents ranged in age from 18 to 73, showing sustainability is an important value no matter what your age.

Products Can Create Waste

Non-sustainable products play a major role in contributing to waste and pollution. According to Business Insider, fast fashion and clothing waste contributes more than 26 billion pounds worth of textiles to landfills annually. That’s a lot of waste, much of it in materials that will not naturally break down. To break the habit of buying clothing that will only be thrown away a few months later, consumers are turning to brands that make durable clothing from eco-friendly materials. Not only do those items last longer, they don’t stay in the landfills for as long if they do end up there. The trend is catching on in everything from niche or boutique clothing brands to offerings from major retailers like Target and Sephora.

Manufacturing Doesn’t Have to Be Bad

There are plenty of potential negative environmental impacts from manufacturing. Chemicals used in creating products could end up in the air or groundwater. Pollution created during shipping could make a negative impact on air quality. Companies can avoid some of that by adopting sustainable manufacturing practices. When you’re thinking about buying from a new brand, research their company’s sustainability policies. A truly eco-friendly company will publicize their steps to protect the environment while they’re making their products.

Eco-Friendly Products Cut Use of Natural Resources

Many natural resources are finite. Companies that are aware of that fact and try to use either sustainable materials or low-impact resources are better for the environment. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, think about buying from brands that actively try to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases they emit during production. Brands can also adopt better practices by trying to reduce the amount of energy and water required to make their items. Additionally, some manufacturing processes use chemicals that could be harmful to the local area. Consumers who value sustainability should try to learn how companies make their products and what types of chemicals, resources and energy are required for their manufacturing.

Finding eco-friendly brands is a lot easier than it used to be. Motivated shoppers who are willing to do a little research can find brands that use sustainable materials, reduce waste and eliminate chemicals from their production. The benefits of shopping with eco-friendly brands include reducing your own carbon footprint, keeping waste out of landfills, and encouraging companies to improve air and water quality.


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