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Tips to Cool Off This Summer While Conserving Energy

by Paisley Hansen | 04-05-2022 07:20 recommendations 1

To mitigate the cost and energy consumption that result from high temperatures, you need to be strategic about keeping cool. Here are a few ways that you can keep your energy usage in check while you stay cool this summer.

Cool Off Outdoors

Reconfiguring your outdoor area may make your backyard everyone’s favorite place to hang out this summer and thereby spare you from having to cool your home on a warm and sunny day. Installing a shade solution such as an awning will create an outside space where you can enjoy taking in some fresh air without feeling oppressive sun.

Installing a pool is another awesome way to beat the heat outdoors. You can jump in and cool off at any time for immediate refreshment. Also, having a pool is good for getting some outdoor exercise in the summer without overheating. If you need to contact swimming pool contractors Mobile, work with professional companies who are familiar with the permitting process in your area.

Schedule Cleaning for Your HVAC System

The air handler of most residential HVAC systems needs annual cleaning. This process clears the evaporator coil of dust and other debris that it has been accumulating over time. Remember that an air filter does a lot to protect these invading particles from clogging up the grate-like coils, but they don’t wholly protect it.  No matter what, you need to clean the coil in order to facilitate the free flow of air. You may want to consider an Advanced Distribution Management System (adms) to help manage your utilities. If it has been more than a year since you had a professional HVAC technician do preventative maintenance and cleaning, schedule an appointment in the near future.

Get Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

Recirculating air on a hot summer day can make a room feel a lot less stuffy. Energy efficient ceiling fans can reduce your reliance on your HVAC system. Ceiling fans are an especially good feature in bedrooms and open concept areas with lots of windows. When you are choosing a fan, try to limit your search to models which do not produce a lot of noise.

Make Full Use of Your Home’s Window Coverings

Reducing the amount of sunlight that enters your home can lower the temperature dramatically. Of course, you’d like to be able to enjoy radiant sunlight in a room that you are using. However, there is no need to let the sun beat into every room when you are not actively using them. It is particularly important to be conscientious about the way that sunlight hits an area of your home where the thermostat is located as the sun moves throughout the day.

Choose window coverings for your home that block out some or all of the warmth generated by UV rays. A UV filtering laminate on some windows may be a good way to let in some light while also moderating the effect on the temperature. You might also consider an option that can integrate into a home automation system so you can set your window coverings to open and close on a set schedule.

Be Smart About How You Use Your Fridge

When the temperature inside of your home is a little bit warmer than it is during most of the year, the cost of operating your refrigerator may run higher. When you open the door, warm air rushes in and your fridge has to cycle on to get back to its set temperature. Try to be conscientious about not leaving the door open too long, and refrain from standing in front of the fridge to cool off while you think about what you want to eat. In fact, you should decide what you want to eat before you open the door so you can use as little energy as possible.

A lot of homeowners see wild swings in their utility bills during the hot and humid months of summer. Be attentive to your energy usage. You can use more of your household budget for summer fun instead of keeping cool.


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