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Reasons for Hiring a Court Reporter

by Paisley Hansen | 19-05-2022 06:06 recommendations 0

A court reporter is an essential part of any litigation proceeding. These professionals prepare a transcript of the oral statements and physical gestures made during a trial. This makes up part of the record of the case and is the fundamental way to preserve the testimony of the parties. There are many other uses for court reporter services.

Create the Trial Record

Most people have seen a court proceeding on television with a stenographer present who is recording the parties' statements made during the litigation proceeding. This is the court reporter who is a skilled professional able almost instantaneously to document oral utterances as they are made. During the trial, any parties can ask the reporter to refer back to the record to clarify statements that were made.

After the trial, Denver court reporters review the raw recording and then create a certified transcript. The transcript can be submitted to the parties in electronic format and is marked by page and line numbers so that the transcription can be referenced in pleadings. A transcript of a lower court proceeding is essential if you want to appeal the decision to a higher-level court. The statements made by the witnesses and parties, including the judge, at the lower level can be used to support arguments in favor of an appeal. The best evidence of these statements is contained in the certified record made by the court reporter. 

Having a documented record of the statements made during a court proceeding makes sure that everyone knows exactly what happened. It also prevents witnesses and parties from changing their stories to adjust to evidence during the proceeding. Court reporters can also help prepare the evidence from the trial with proper references to the transcript for attorneys trying to submit a complete package with a petition for appeal.

Assist With Trial Preparation

Before going to trial, attorneys engage in extensive preparation. Some of the preparation is designated under civil or criminal procedure rules. These rules require certain exchanges of information between the parties. The goal is to get as much information about each side's position before the litigation proceeding. Most courts prefer to settle cases rather than have a full trial, so the information gathered during the preparatory phase is used to weigh the arguments of both parties. The judge may ultimately recommend some settlement.

The services of court reporters during the preparation phase are invaluable. Part of the exchange of information involves discovery. During discovery, the parties can take depositions of witnesses to see what they have to say about a matter. The witness is put under oath, and statements made during the deposition can be used against them. The best way to document statements is to have a court reporter present during the deposition. Much like filing an appeal, attorneys can use a deposition transcript as evidence to support motions and pleadings.

In addition to preparing a record of depositions, court reporters offer other trial preparation services that are very helpful. Attorneys need to present documentary evidence to support their cases during the trial and at any settlement negotiations. Court reporters can assist with compiling the evidence. They have access to the necessary technology to make electronic files that contain all proof. They can also link the evidence to critical pieces of any deposition transcript. 

Provide Translation Services

Another critical service offered by court reporters is translation services. If you have a witness or party that speaks a foreign language, you can have the court reporter attend meetings and proceedings to provide a real-time translation of their statements. A court reporter can also make a transcript with the translated information. Most court reporters also offer services for persons who use sign language. They can facilitate communications between the parties involved.

Court reporters are skilled professionals that can be very helpful in legal proceedings. They can do much more than record a transcript during a court proceeding.


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