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How to Choose a Bed For Healthy, Rejuvenating Sleep

by Paisley Hansen | 19-05-2022 06:08 recommendations 0

The mattress that you sleep on plays a big part in the quality of your sleep. An old, sagging mattress lacks support and can cause pain. It could also contain dust that contributes to allergies and further deteriorates your comfort and ability to sleep through the night.

Even if your mattress is still in good shape, it could be the wrong level of support for your needs. Find out how to select the best mattress for a bed that lets you drift to sleep peacefully each night. 

Know Your Options

Before you can begin the search for the perfect bed, you need to know the options. There are five main types of mattress available:

  • Innerspring: Uses coils to provide support

  • Foam: Consists of polyfoam and has no coils

  • Hybrid: A combination of coils and comfort material such as foam

  • Latex: Made entirely of rubber latex

  • Airbed: Contains an adjustable air chamber at the core

The mattress type that you choose determines if you need a box spring or foundation support. Adjustable beds and memory foam beds usually work better with a foundation. Check the manufacturer requirements and recommendations so you can choose the proper support for your mattress. 

Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages. They also vary widely in support levels and pricing. Ultimately, the choice depends on your needs and preferences. 

Determine Your Own Preferences

You may find it easiest to try out a few types of mattress to figure out which you like best. Some people prefer a soft sleeping surface that hugs their body and provides the ultimate in comfort. Others would rather sleep on a firm surface that has greater support.

The type of material that your mattress is made of contributes to its ability to regulate temperature. If you frequently wake up sweaty and overheated, then a mattress made with cooling features could help you sleep better. 

The position that you commonly sleep in should be a consideration when choosing a mattress. Back sleepers typically benefit from a medium firmness mattress. This gives you adequate support without putting your spine out of alignment or creating pressure on your neck and shoulders. Side sleepers need a little more give to accommodate the increased pressure on the hip area. A slightly softer mattress allows the spine to stay straight as the body is cradled comfortably. Finally, stomach sleepers generally require a firm mattress to offer enough support. 

Consider Any Health Concerns

Your physical health can also factor into your mattress selection. Pain, especially back pain, is a common complaint and can be exacerbated or even caused by a poor quality mattress. If you experience frequent pain in your back, joints, or muscles, then the right mattress can make a world of difference. The ability to sleep soundly throughout the night allows your body to recover and heal so you can wake up pain-free and ready for your day. Choose a mattress that provides adequate support to keep your spine aligned and relieve pressure on any particular area of the body. 

If you snore or have sleep apnea, then choosing the right mattress is even more important. You need one that provides the right support and keeps your neck aligned with your body. An adjustable bed that allows the head to be raised could also prove beneficial. 

Another health concern when it comes to choosing a mattress is allergies. Allergy sufferers are sensitive to certain materials and can have difficulty sleeping on a surface that is prone to collecting dust mites, bacteria, or even mildew. Hypoallergenic materials and covers can eliminate common allergens so you sleep like a baby. 

Selecting the right mattress is an important task. The quality and quantity of your sleep affects your physical and mental health. Without enough rest, you are more susceptible to illness and high levels of stress. Give yourself the opportunity to sleep deeply and wake up refreshed by choosing a mattress that provides you with the best comfort and support you need. 


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