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How to Arrange Your Bedroom Furniture for a Better Night's Sleep

by Paisley Hansen | 23-05-2022 12:28 recommendations 0

A good night's rest not only makes you feel better during the day but also helps you keep your weight down and protect you from illness. Sufficient rest is vital for combatting depression as well. The way your bedroom furniture is arranged can have a powerful impact on how you sleep. Here are some ways to place your bedroom furniture so that you can get the best sleep possible.

1. Place Your Bed Near an Interior Wall

Beds with the best mattress sizes promote better sleep, so make sure you get the right-sized bed for you. The right-sized bed will depend on the size of your room and whether you sleep with a significant other or if children make their way into your bed at night.

Place your bed near an interior wall and have it facing away from any windows. This protects you from light that might come through doors or windows to wake you. You'll also hear less noise enabling you to sleep better.

2. Keep Your Office Separate From Your Sleeping Area

If you're one of many who work out of your bedroom, keeping your office area apart from your bed will help your brain switch off from work mode to rest mode. Invest in a desk with a roll-down top so that you can hide all the clutter approximately an hour before bedtime.

If you work on your bed, place your computer and all of your office supplies in a chest at the foot of your bed so that it's out of sight and out of mind when it's time for rest.

3. Line Your Wall With Shelves for Attractive Storage

Seeing clutter promotes anxiety and prevents you from sleeping your best. Clutter is also detrimental to personal relationships. If you clear out the clutter in your life, you save money as well. Clear the items off of your dresser and end tables. Sort them into two piles, those things you plan to keep and the nonessential items you never use that you can either sell or give away.

Store the items you plan on keeping in attractive storage bins so that they're out of sight but also easily within reach. By eliminating the clutter and organizing your belongings, you'll feel less stressed and sleep better at night.

4. Invest in Lamps With Warm-Colored Light Bulbs

It's a good idea to have warm lighting in your room, especially an hour or so before bedtime, so place lamps on end tables that you keep on each side of your bed to provide you with warm light. You'll be able to read, but you will also be more relaxed and sleep better at night.

Also, think about investing in blue light glasses. Wear them when the sun goes down to help you relax and improve your circadian rhythm for better rest.

5. Arrange Comfortable Seating If Your Room Is Large Enough

If your bedroom is large enough to accommodate them, think about adding attractive and comfortable chairs in your bedroom in an area opposite your bed. That way, you have a separate space for work enabling you to keep your bed for sleep.

Also, add an essential oils diffuser to your room and use it to diffuse a relaxing oil such as lavender or a sleep-promoting blend. Take the supplement melatonin an hour before you go to sleep. It will boost your body's circadian rhythm and strengthen your immune system. Burning scented candles also help you relax.

Final Thoughts

Getting a good night's sleep is vital to your health and well-being. By arranging your furniture in a way that protects your sleep, you'll work and feel better.



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