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5 Strategies for Student Filmmakers in a Post-Pandemic World

by Paisley Hansen | 24-05-2022 07:23 recommendations 0

Movies and films have occupied a special place in the world since their inception more than a century ago. Lots of experimentation, trial and error and experience have led to the development of filmmaking as much as consistently improving equipment. Over the years, scenes, dialog, plots, camera angles, sound, music and scores of  other details have been put forward as superlatives, taught to would-be future directors. 

Student filmmakers have never had the easiest time generating capital to finance their ideas, and the global pandemic made things harder for everybody, across the board. From student loans to startup capital for a film, there are always financial deficits to overcome. While some techniques are tried and true and continue so through the pandemic years, new ideas and equipment have emerged, post-pandemic, that help student filmmakers see their visions through.

1. Sanitize Your Set

This might sound a bit simple, but so is the expression better safe than sorry. Folks are still mighty undecided about COVID but most can agree that risk still exists. Nobody wants to see another mass shutdown, and keeping things uber-sanitary could be a way to help avoid it. If this practice not only helps to create suitable conditions on a post-pandemic set, but also makes your cast and crew feel good about their working environment, there's no good reason not to do it.

2. Utilize Zoom for Rehearsing

Zoom and other video conferencing platforms can help to cut your on-set time down. While not the same as blocking shots and getting actors into costume and absorbing the zeitgeist of the set, your players can begin to develop their chemistry by running through dialog online. Any number of people can be involved, from a pair of actors to a full table read. These video conferencing mediums can allow for ideas about the film to be shared, too, so that when everybody gets to the set, foundational elements have already been applied that can have a powerful streamlining effect.

3. Adopt Remote Video Editing

Remote video editing is the practice of video editors doing their business of turning pieces of film into a cohesive story from their homes, or another remote location. These days, where communication can happen on many platforms with ease, there's not too much that could interfere with this process. As long as the right parties are able to converse on the material, remote video editing will keep the numbers on the set lower and still produce quality work. 

4. Consider Your Locales

Part of the brilliance of filmmaking is that you can show your audience parts of the world that they've never seen or that they see in a new light. Even though there are trillions of potential locations, you might consider substituting those that are difficult to access or expensive with make-do sites. Hollywood has done this forever and the pandemic created new issues because of travel bans and restrictions. 

5. Be Aware of Protocols

Since the pandemic, there are new rules and regulations to pay attention to when conducting business on movie sets. To avoid any kind of issues, to keep your cast and crew safe and happy and to establish your presence as both a talented director and a non-corner cutting professional, take the time to figure out what is not allowed or frowned upon when it comes to creating your film.

Making movies has never been a simple proposition and it's especially difficult for student filmmakers, who have to learn loads of things as they manage the logistics of a set. Doing so in a post-pandemic world comes with challenges, but certainly, nothing that can't be overcome with creativity and common sense.


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