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4 Ways To Help Your Kids Be More Active

by Paisley Hansen | 25-05-2022 04:21 recommendations 0

Being physically active has numerous benefits, such as improved strength, better mental health, healthier bones, a more robust cardiovascular system, and better joint mobility and flexibility. Doctors are finding more and more cases of high blood pressure and other ailments in children due to too much screen time and inactivity. Because good habits are often built from a young age, it is vital that kids are taught the importance of doing some physical activity each day. Parents know that it can be challenging to make children do what they are supposed to, but fortunately, there are some ways to make physical activity seem more appealing to youngsters. Here are four ways to help your kids be more active.

1. Explore Different Activities 

There are plenty of different sports to choose from, so explore various activities and see which ones your kids like the most. If an activity is something that they enjoy, children will be much more likely to continue participating. For example, a child who enjoys playing on a team might like baseball, soccer, or basketball, while a child who is more of a loner might better enjoy running or cycling. If your child does decide to partake in a team sport, try not to take winning or losing too seriously, as this can drain the enjoyment of the activity from the participant.

Swimming is another great sport to learn, not only for the physical benefits but for safety reasons as well. If your child enjoys swimming, there are plenty of swimming pool contractors Montgomery who can install a pool in the comfort of your own backyard. If you live in an area that has long winters, skiing is a fun sport, and dance and yoga are good activities that can be done indoors.

2. Make Activity a Family Affair

Kids often learn from what they observe their parents and other adults in their lives doing. Due to this, children are more likely to be active if the rest of the family engages in regular physical activity. Some ways to get your kids to participate in exercise with you include:

  • Going for walks as a family at a local park

  • Participating in workout videos together

  • Taking a pet, if you have one, for a walk around the neighborhood

  • Biking to and from school with them 

  • Taking them to an age-appropriate exercise class that is offered nearby 

As you can see, there are many ways that you can incorporate your kids into a workout routine with the rest of the family. Not only is exercising with other people more fun, but it provides kids with role models when it comes to health and physical fitness. Healthy competition between siblings can also encourage young people to practice and get better at a sport.

3. Gamify It

There are plenty of games these days that are fun and encourage movement. For example, there are consoles that you can hook up to your television and play simulated baseball, bowling, golf, and tennis. In addition, there are games that you can download on a smartphone that give rewards for walking. In many of these games, there are other activities to complete while walking, adding to the excitement. Geocaching is one of these activities that require a smartphone and involves looking for real items in the woods and in other locations. Kids might forget that they are even being active while engaged in these games, but the health benefits are still there.

4. Limit Inactive Time

In order to ensure that your kids get enough activity each day, you may need to monitor the time that they spend watching television, playing video games, or browsing the internet. While these things are enjoyable, overdoing them can cut into time that would be better spent being active.

Active children are often happy and healthy children. Follow these four guidelines to help your kids be active and stay active.


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