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[August Theme Report] Food & Water Security

by Richard Adayi | 01-09-2023 19:01 recommendations 0

 Here we deal with water and food security. We can say with certainty that water is fundamentally linked to food, its availability and its abundance. It therefore appears essential for the very existence of species to ensure their safety.

Here we are, by August, we are to explain the current status and the mechanism of the food and water supply chain in Togo, my representative country. Doing this, I cannot be silent on the fatal cause and effect relationship between environmental degradation and food/water rarity.

Food and water supply circuit in Togo still has the well-known classic aspects: agricultural production is essentially peasant, agricultural production is strongly transported from villages towards cities, the quantity of food production remains to be desired in comparison to the production of rent. Environmental degradation has not improved this situation. What emerges is an instability of the seasons with their share of unpredictable impacts on peasant production. Obviously, scarcity of food and water, diversification of foodstuffs, mechanization and modernization of agricultural production are becoming real challenges.

The very recent and notable Forum of Agricultural Producers of Togo (FoPAT) 2023 intends to tackle this today and tomorrow.

Lastly, I participate as Program Director to a national initiative called “MIABE Hackathon”. We elaborate this for digital innovation for all students of private and public universities in Togo. Among other themes to be covered, we proposed to candidates themes as “Community solution for managing water shortage in Kara” for Kara’s students preselection; “Solution for managing trade in Lomé main market (in french, Grand marché de Lomé)”, for Lomé student’s preselection; etc. This successful initiative for its first edition, allow me today to precise how important technological improvements can be from tool till being implemented in production technologies way such as newly developing and well-known GMOs or water treatment facilities.

We cannot conclude this report without recalling that in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirmed the right of everyone to adequate food.


Thank you.

Written by Richard Adayi


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