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More than just Conference- 2012 GYEF

by Simran Vedvyas | 27-02-2012 22:51 recommendations 0 recommendations

More than just Conference- 2012 GYEF

Eco Generation


????? (AnYoungHaSeYo~~~)

2012 Global Youth for the Environment Forum, held at Seoul National University, 21st– 22nd February?2012, Seoul, South Korea

The forum was hosted by Samsung Engineering and Korea Green Foundation and organized by Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University.


I was invited to the forum with all-expenses paid trip as delegate and I got the opportunity to share my views with the media in Seoul. A movie presentation made by me on sustainable development was also showcased during the event  I shared my experiences with over 400 delegate students, about 300 from South Korea and 100 International Delegates, including students from Indonesia, India, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and UAE.


This Forum gave me the opportunity to listen to some very motivating presentations and the lectures were diverse and addressed important issues like- How mobile phone could harm human health?, Environment, Economy and Human Beings, Wandering Wetlands and Ecological- UK?s effort on Climate Change. I also enjoyed ?180 degrees Pole to Pole trip? adventure experience by James Hooper and ?Law of the Jungle? presented by the famous actor Ricky Kim.


We had so much of fun together, which makes me say that this event was more than a Conference.  It gave me a chance to make so many new friends.  We had in great time snowboarding, and seeing a LIGER (lion+tiger) in Everland field trip and also experienced having Turkish food, Korean Food, Arabic Food and much more.  We got to know about the culture and traditions of people in Korea.

 I learnt about the change Korea underwent during the last four decades.  Our visit to Samsung D?Lite, N Seoul Tower and the palace was also very interesting and above all we got some time to shop around too.  I GOT A BEAUTIFUL STAMP OF MY NAME ? SIMRAN? MADE IN KOREAN LANGUAGE TOO


I am so thankful to Samsung Engineering, Eco Generation Team and also Korea Green Foundation for choosing me the winner.


Simran Vedvyas


Some Memorable Moments in pictures
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  • United Arab Emirates E-gen Ambassador Simran Vedvyas


Rohan Kapur

Simran Vedvyas

Simran Vedvyas

  • Simran Vedvyas says :
    I am so thankful to Samsung Engineering, Eco Generation Team and also Korea Green Foundation for choosing me the winner. Thank you Erika, Erica and Joy

    I miss the fun time I had with you - Chisty and Averina, the instant comments of Bam and the innocence of Guru Vishnu....above all S.Korea.
    Posted 27-02-2012 22:56

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