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Representing the UAE at the Asia Pacific TUNZA summit in Ahmedabad , India

by Kehkashan Basu | 28-02-2012 03:22 recommendations 0 recommendations

As a student of The Millennium School , Dubai  it was an honour to represent the UAE as an  international delegate  at the Asia Pacific summit of  TUNZA International Children & Youth Conference at Ahmedabad , India.  This conference was organized by the United Nations Environment Programme and hosted by the Centre for Environment Education , Government of India at their Ahmedabad campus. This conference brought together children and youth from across the Asia Pacific region  to discuss their roles and inputs on Sustainable Development  and how they could adopt more environmentally friendly lifestyles .

The conference was held over a span of four days.  Apart from the plenary sessions , where eminent personalities on environment  delivered lectures , numerous interactive workshops and field trips were organised . The participants debated and discussed at length ways and means of reshaping the future through a green economy and sustainable lifestyles.

Alongwith other members of my workgroup , we put in a lot of hard work and endless hours of discussions and brainstorming  to prepare the  ?zero draft ?for the upcoming Rio+20 Earth summit.  


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Rohan Kapur

Dohee Lee

  • Dohee Lee says :
    Really? wow. It's great to hear that kehkashan is a famous eco-star ;^)
    Posted 02-03-2012 15:27

  • Rohith Rao says :
    read about you kehkashan in the gulf news recently - great job!
    Posted 29-02-2012 14:35

  • Kehkashan Basu says :
    Thank you very much. I'm really missing all of you.
    Posted 28-02-2012 14:50

Dohee Lee

  • Dohee Lee says :
    Hello Kehkeshan! You are so fast ;^) How are you doing? I am so proud of you to be selected as a representative of UAE!
    Posted 28-02-2012 10:54

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