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Celebrate International Biodiversity Day!

by Rock Lee | 27-05-2014 23:56 recommendations 0

To celebrate International Biodiversity Day we conducted a walk-by survey using sticker boards to determine how much people know about endangered species now.  Before we made the boards we searched through a list of endangered species on the internet. It was horrible to see that that more and more animals are being classified as 'endangered'.

We asked people participating in the survey to put one sticker in each of the two  categories on the board. One category consists of endangered animals such as the Siberian tiger, sea turtle, and penguins. The other category is composed of wild birds in Korea, like the Mandarin duck, a Fairy Pitt, and a Black Swan (and so on). In addition there are a number of animals not on an endangered list, such as squirrels and pheasants.


Participants in the event came from all walks of life: students, mothers with toddlers, men in workout uniforms, young ladies out for an afternoon at TGI Friday's, members of a football club, members of bike clubs, and many other passers-by. We approached them to show our sticker board to asked them to select the answer. Mostly they were kind and sincere in choosing a non endangered animal from among the endangered species. Some asked us "Why are you conducting this survey? Is it a school project?" showing their interesting and curiosity. I told them that it's a voluntary project done by my environmental group called "Earth Kids Foundation", and that I'd like to know how much people care about endangered species. In addition I wanted to raise people's awareness of some serious environmental issues facing us today, and explain to them we have to take an action now and not simply think about it.


Because of the effects that global environmental pollution has had, many species of animals and plants are endangered. If we protect them we will survive. If we do not protect them, humans may someday be classified as a class 1 endangered species someday in the near future. Please take action now: saving water and electricity, reduce food waste and recycling are actions that we can all do now. Just do it.


Some of the people taking the survey said that they were proud of us and the volunteer work we were doing. They promised that they would join the 'environmental movement'. This is only a small beginning, but more and more people are gathering together to achieve this same goal. If we lead them to start their actions now, humans will not ever be classified as endangered species.


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  • Dormant user Rock Lee


  • Rock Lee says :
    I will keep it up, Arushi! Thank you.:)
    Posted 18-06-2014 20:31

  • Rock Lee says :
    Thanks, Udeh!! Kids were relly exciting to put a sticker on the board!:)
    Posted 18-06-2014 20:30

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Great campaign. Proud of you indeed. Keep it up.
    Posted 18-06-2014 03:26

  • says :
    Great campaign Rock!
    I love your last line.
    Posted 15-06-2014 00:55

  • Rock Lee says :
    Thank you, Rohan! We were really enjoy this moments. :)
    Posted 10-06-2014 12:49

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Your campaign is very interesting. Keep it up.
    Posted 09-06-2014 19:10

  • Rock Lee says :
    Thanks a lots, Eco Generation!
    Posted 29-05-2014 22:39

Eco Generation

  • Rock Lee says :
    Thanks a lot, Simran! People were showing so much interesting in this issue, we still have a hope indeed!!
    Posted 28-05-2014 07:47

  • Simran Vedvyas says :
    Dear Rock Lee,
    Congratulations on conducting a Very Interesting and Engaging Activity
    Posted 28-05-2014 03:11

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