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River Biomonitoring, a method to identify quality of the River

by Bambang Sutrisno | 27-02-2013 16:36 recommendations 0 recommendations

The Cisadane River is one of the main rivers within the Banten Province and West java Province which has a 1100 km2 catchment area. It takes its source in the Salak-Pangrango mountains and discharges its waters in the Java Sea.


The cisadane Rivers fulfills all present water needs for industry, irrigation,  and potable water in the region. However, the increasing level pollution due to industrial and domestic activities, including illegal waste water discharges, makes the water more and more costly and difficult to treat.


The monitoring for water quality in the Cisadane River is needed to know how its condition. During my camp in Ciwaluh, a last village in upper stream of Cisadane river, I learn a biomonitoring method to identify water quality in the river.


Biomonitoring or known as aquatic biomonitoring is a science method of infeering ecological condition of rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands by examining the organisms that ive there. Standard guide biomonitoring help us to determine the result.


Usually, we use aquatic invertebrates as indicator the quality of the river. There are maybe snail, crab, shrimp, dented, dragonfly, beetle, flyblow, and etc. The amount of each indicator transform based on the guide book into a score. Finally, the average of the score we got and we could determine the quality of the water based on guide book.


When I tried this method, I got the result quality of the water 5,46 which is indicate average quality of water in a spot of Cisadane River. Nowadays, Cisadane Watershed conservation is needed. The Community which concern in cisadane collaborate to present better future Cisadane for the next generation.
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