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Rotten fruit waste to electricity

by | 21-02-2015 23:55 recommendations 0

Gemah Ripah Market is the fruit trade center in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Just like any other market, this region also produces waste, particularly fruit rot due not purchased. Communities around the market could protest the rotten fruit waste, because of the pungent smell carried everywhere. Until then, was born the idea to utilize the rotten fruit into a power source and power plants can now illuminate the market.

Know whether how much waste is generated every day of this market? Approximately 10 tons!!

So instead of the rotten fruit thrown away , it would be used .

The rotten fruit waste must pass through the milling process in advance, in order to obtain fruit juice or fruit juice rotten. Then juice or rotten fruit juas inserted into the digester machine or machines decomposers.

This parser engine will change the rotten fruit juice into biogas. How? The process that occurs is anaerobic or without oxygen. Anaerobic bacteria present in rotting fruit juice will help fermented fruit juice rot and produce methane.

This methane gas is used to generate electricity. Methane gas into fuel to turn the electric generator. The result of electricity from rotten fruit can light bulbs in street lights Gemah Ripah Market.

Not only light the way in the market, some traders in the market can use methane gas to turn on the gas stove in use to sell.

This activity has been going on since 2011. Gemah Ripah Market be the only market that can be independent of energy, could generate their own electricity from existing materials on the market that is rotten fruit.

Pasar Gemah Ripah

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  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Well reported Ulfi. This is very effective use of rotten fruits. The best part is that Gemah Ripah Market is self sustainable.
    This is a good example for other fruit markets.
    Posted 23-02-2015 21:33

  • says :
    Hi! It would be interesting if you could post some the actual data they have gathered (eg. quantified electricity values, voltage counts, etc). At least it will be more credible for us if we are to share this kind of technology which is definitely interesting. It is a very resourceful way to maximize the use of products to save money and help the environment.
    Posted 22-02-2015 14:44

  • says :
    The concept of producing electricity through rotten fruits is adoptable in our countries as well. A way to manage those wastes. Thanks for the report Ulfiana
    Posted 22-02-2015 12:40

  • says :
    its my first time to hear about that and it has been pleasure to me being on of the environmental family member...... a lesson to me...

    Posted 22-02-2015 06:24

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Not only rotten fruit but also fruit peels , vegetable skins , spoilt snacks , leftover used food or any such organic /kitchen waste can be efficiently used to generate bio gas as renewable source of energy. Glad to know that Gemah Ripah Market is converting fruit waste into energy and is helping educate people toward a new paradigm that waste can be a valuable resource.
    Posted 22-02-2015 02:56

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