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Youth and Art in Environmental Conservation

by Samuel Muoria | 07-05-2015 14:33 recommendations 0 recommendations

Like many other developing countries in the sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya is vulnerable to effects of climate change. Roughly 42% of Kenya?s GDP and 70% of overall employment is derived from natural resource-related sectors, including agriculture, mining, forestry, fishing, tourism, water supply and energy. While climate change will lead to adverse impacts across all of these sectors, agricultural stands apart as particularly vulnerable since its dependent on rainfall. Therefore the effects of climate change pose a threat on the economic, social and environmental development and achievement of the Kenyan Vision 2030.
Kenya face challenges of increasing population, youth unemployment and environmental degradation .These problems are a reflection of a crisis of the mind that cannot be resolved by law and policies alone. There is need to integrate a holistic approach toward the problem, a change from within in so far as attitudes and behavior towards the environment is concerned. One way to approach solving environmental problems on a sustainable basis is implementing creative ideas that empower, educate and engage young people on environmental issues.
Arts and creative works are powerful communication tools to engage youths on climate change issues since they help overcome barriers of language, age and cultures across all levels. Dramas and theatre plays expand awareness and understanding around key environmental issues and majority can relate with. 
There are opportunities for the youth in emerging environmental challenges such as solid waste management. Recently several individuals and youth community based organizations in Kenya who have started waste recycling business projects have won international awards from their role in environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation.Plastic Fantastic is a startup Venture based out of Ngong in Nairobi, Kenya that runs a programme through which plastic waste is collected from different parts of city, sorted and transformed into a raw material that artisans use to make jewellery and other fashion accessories.
Last but not least, youths need to believe in their potential to change the world. Africa future belongs to its youths, we must exercise our numbers, intellect, creativity in the pursuit of a sustainable future. As young people we need to be self-organized in particularly when addressing climate change issues in our communities. Adapting to climate change is not a choice but a survival mechanism to make end meets in our individual lives. 
Photos Courtesy of  Dudu Arts & Creative works
Dudu Insects from waste  Dudu Snake Dudu One

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  • Dormant user Samuel Muoria


  • John Karanja says :
    Thanks for the report Sam....
    Posted 26-05-2015 19:46

  • Ni Putu Wulan Romianingsih says :
    Wow, they are beautiful. The good thing is they are made of plastic and other garbages
    Posted 09-05-2015 01:30

Simran Vedvyas

  • Simran Vedvyas says :
    Well Done and So nice Report
    Posted 08-05-2015 23:38

Arushi Madan

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Youth have immense potential to bring about any revolutionising change. They need to believe in themselves , in their potential and should work to tap it. I agree with you that art is an excellent way/tool to emphasise an issue and resolve it . Art pieces are truely fantastic made by "Plastic Fantastic".Thanks for your report.
    Posted 08-05-2015 02:07

  • Alina Ale says :
    Whole world is trying to get rid of plastic pollution,but still the problem exists everywhere.
    Glad to know about the initiation of recycling the plastics and making them reusable by developing into different arts,jewelleries and fashion accesories.
    Those plastic crafts are cool.
    Thanks for the report Samuel.:)
    Posted 07-05-2015 23:58

  • Bindu Bhandari says :
    Hats of to all the organizations in Kenya including Plastic Fantastic for initiating Eco- entrepreneurship through recyclable wastes. The artistic creation depicted in the pictures are eye catching.
    I totally support youth are the change driving agents of society, we can use our creativity in environment conservation like above stuffs :)
    Thank you report dear Samuel. Keep sharing :)

    Posted 07-05-2015 22:12

  • Rahul Acharya says :
    The insects are lovely. the dragfonflies . also the snake.
    Perfect blend of art in the environment conservation.
    Creative in tis truest sense I would say.
    'Plastic Fantastic' Catchy name. (Y)

    Thanks for the report Samuel
    Posted 07-05-2015 15:02

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