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United Children and Youth for CHANGE!

by Balraj Arpit | 18-10-2012 21:21 recommendations 0 recommendations

United Children and Youth for CHANGE!


After COP 11, with new insights and knowledge, I did something that may change 100's of children  and youth. It's high time to make a difference in the World before 2020 else we may lose our existence from Earth. We've to decrease Carbon emission to 0 by year 2020 what everyone talk about at COP11. Yes! We're in big trouble, a trouble that people are ignoring even after knowing it. But still, we won't stop. Here's an initiative that we take after COP11.

We saw some children in the park with teachers..and suddenly what came into my mind was let's do it, let's motivate and aware these small kids.
> I always carry TUNZA Eco Generation pamphlets to act anytime, anywhere..

> We talk with teachers to get permission to interact with kids.


> Children were all around with plastic bottles and their stuffs.


> We start working and ask kids to gather at one place.


> Firstly, we told them about Environment and Global Warming.


> I ask them,"Do you know that plastic bottle in your hand is very harmful for Earth?" They replied and we give them examples and ask them not to use plastic bottles.


> We promote TUNZA Eco Generation among them. We told them full features of the website and how they can use it as educational purpose.


> We together take pledge to save our Mother Earth and live sustainable lifestyle.


> Teachers too take pledge to save our Mother Earth, promote environmental activities among students and live sustainable lifestyle.


> Finally, we did it successfully. Teachers and children and we too were happy after that great and amazing moment we spent together for a cause.


Balraj Arpit
Founder & CEO
Green Youth Generation
(Ambassador, TUNZA Eco-Generation representing Asia-Pacific)

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  • Dormant user Balraj Arpit


  • Balraj Arpit says :
    @Christy..Thanks..it's support and love of TUNZA Eco Generation team and Ambassadors.

    Hopefully, I'll come up with more activities.
    Posted 24-10-2012 05:26

  • Balraj Arpit says :
    @Unmesh..thanks dear..
    Posted 24-10-2012 05:25

  • Balraj Arpit says :
    @Simaran..Thanks dear..
    Posted 24-10-2012 05:23

Christy Lee

  • Christy Lee says :
    You can not even imagine how I and Erika loved these pictures.
    Your energy and love toward the environment is unbelievable.

    You did a great job!!
    Posted 23-10-2012 09:34

  • Unmesh Datta says :
    Hi Balraj,

    I envy your energy and the determination to stay on the issue and act at ground level....go ahead...
    Posted 22-10-2012 18:59

Simran Vedvyas

  • Simran Vedvyas says :
    Balraj, Great !!! Loved the Energy and Synergy

    Posted 20-10-2012 06:35

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