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by Yvette UMURUNGI | 19-06-2013 17:31 recommendations 0 recommendations

Gishwati Natural Forest is among protected forest of Rwanda and it is located in North- Western of the country with 1?nbsp44? 50? S, 29?nbsp25? 37.3? E as geographical coordinates. The forest has been highly degraded since 1986- 2006 years. Through enclosed figures by using GIS tools (ArcMap) with satellite images taken in the year 1986 and the year 2006, I have been able to show the situation of Gishwati forest 1986 and 2006 years and the changes the forest has occurred.


The growth of population in Rwanda has made a great pressure on natural resource of Rwanda considerably and natural forests had been degraded at the disappearance level such as Gishwati Natural forest. 

As we see human activities has impacted much on the degradation of Gishwati Natural forest, the forest lost was around 93% equal to 1435, 2975 ha for only a period of 20 years (See figures). Many animal and plant species has disappeared other reduced considerably due to this forest degradation issues.


Currently the government has established policies to reforest the forest which has improved this critical situation of Gishwati Natural Forest and today there is a hope that Gishwati Forest will remain on Rwanda map and some species will be kept. Some project conduct researches and make awareness on the conservation and protection of Gishwati Natural Forest such as the American project called Great Apes Trust who conduct researches on great apes in Gishwati forest.


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  • Arun Acharya says :
    thanks for the report!
    Posted 20-07-2013 12:05

Neha Swaminathan

  • Neha Swaminathan says :
    Thank you for the detailed report
    Posted 21-06-2013 17:53

  • Christy Lee says :
    Thank you for more input Yvette, I wish the people can understand the 'economic' value of the nature also...
    Posted 21-06-2013 09:51

  • Pratap Maharjan says :
    the figures are really informative and it looks very alarming problem..thanks for the report. may the forest recover very soon.
    Posted 20-06-2013 20:59

  • Yvette UMURUNGI says :
    Thank you all! @Christy Lee, It would be very difficult for Gishwati Natural Forest to recover its original because because there a lot of economic activities running in Gishwati that it would be very difficult to take off,...
    Posted 20-06-2013 18:23

  • Kehkashan Basu says :
    Thanks for the information!
    Posted 20-06-2013 15:55

  • Christy Lee says :
    The graphics are shocking! I wish Gishwati Natural Forest can recover its original beauty.
    Thank you for the article, Yvette :D
    Posted 20-06-2013 08:47

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    nice and an informative report.
    Posted 19-06-2013 22:54

  • Raunak Kapur says :
    thanx for an informative report...
    Posted 19-06-2013 22:48

Dharmendra Kapri

Arushi Madan

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Thanks for the details.
    Posted 19-06-2013 20:10

  • Smriti Limbu says :
    thanks for the report!
    Posted 19-06-2013 19:32

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Well explained. Thanks for the report.
    Posted 19-06-2013 18:13

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