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Sustainable Transportation in India

by | 21-08-2016 00:05 recommendations 0

Sustainable Transportation is The Green Transportation , The Eco friendly Transportation  , transportation that helps one to travel with least effect on the environment. 
Sustainable Transportation is less dependent on the fossil fuels for its functioning .

India has been focusing much on the Sustaiable transportation.
Achieving sustainable urban transport has become a primary objective with the adoption of National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP) by the Government of India (GoI)

Under the Policy it's made compulsory for the publich transport mainly the taxis and auto rickshaws to ensure Availability of Dispatch Services , Reduce Emissions and Improve Road Safety by whichever way possible .

Talking about the AUtomobile sector many companies in India have developed the various form of Electric Transport such as

 Launching electric buses in various cities of the country  

India's First Electric Motorcycle by Tork Motorcycle

Electric Bicycles by Hulikkal Electro India Pvt. Ltd and much more .

The Centre is also planning to launch 50 lakh electric cars on India's roads in the next three years, to cut greenhouse gases by up to 2 lakh million TONNES.

India is really gearing up for the betterment of Sustainable Transportation in the country .

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  • says :
    I think the key future market for the motor industry has long been environmentally friendly cars, and electric cars. It's good to hear that the indian motor company is also aiming to develop and sell greener cars! Thanks for sharing!
    Posted 24-08-2016 17:44

  • says :
    Tata motors electric car project - http://www.tmetc.com/portfolio/tata-ace.aspx
    JBM Solaris JV to invest Rs 300 crore for electric buses in India - JBM Solaris JV to invest Rs 300 crore for electric buses in India

    Posted 21-08-2016 18:22

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Also CNG buses plying in Delhi, odd even car system aimed at reducing carbon emission -were part of sustainable transport initiatives in India. I am really happy to see emphasis on sustainable transportation in India. Thanks for the report.
    Posted 21-08-2016 04:46

  • says :
    Its good to see India Automobiles divesting towards green vehicles. Can you share some references? I'll like to read more - trying to compare Tesla, Ford, Nissan, and Tata, since they are all aiming towards electric vehicles
    Posted 21-08-2016 04:10

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