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Tremarctos ornatus u Andean bear

by Daniel Ricardo | 08-03-2017 11:09 recommendations 1

Jóvenes de Ambiente Cundinamarca - Colombia

The Andean Bear is the species of bear found in our area of ​​South America, and is one of the most endangered because it is assumed that because it is omnivorous, it preys on the livestock of the peasants and is given hunting throughout the country. Territory of colombia, its habitat is the area of ​​wetland and Pre paramo (Who does not know the paramo, are heights above 2600 meters at sea level), is one of the most important animals in the ecosystem Preparamuno, when eating different fruits And that its normal migration is to travel by the majority of Colombia to go to our other neighboring countries like Venezuela and Ecuador, in his writing allows the flora of the pre-paramo to unfold and find reproduction and germination of these, being in danger We face a crisis of flora and fauna of paramo that is where we get 70% of water that feeds the fluvial stars of the country.

The climatic change, together with its hunting and the cultivation of crops in its habitat recudes the capacity of the same to adapt and of the inhabitants to resist the different waves of climatic variability, the rain and drought storms, without the paramo is Very probavle that colombia has peridas in its availability of water and instead of its capacity of food production, therefore we would be about to enter into a true environmental crisis ...

That is why the entity in charge of the natural parks of colobia was put in a campaign that sought to raise the consciousness of the people to take into account their role in life and in our country, together with PNN (National Parks) and the Network Nacional de Jovenes de ambiente we put hands to the march in the virtual campaign


In which we put our hands as a kind of visor to imitate the main characteristic as it is known in colombia (Spectacle Bear)

Which had a very good impact in the country achieving many photos and acceptance of many sectors of society, if we move the networks in these ways we can stop or reduce their extinction and pormover their protection ... in a stronger way, because now At the criminal level, it is condemnable to prison to assassinate this bear specimen

Campaning CorpoGuavio 21/02/2017

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  • Dormant user Daniel Ricardo
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  • says :
    Daniel, what a lovely poster. It is a shame that various animals lie on the border line of extinction. This campaign definitely will make the bears our friend again. Imitating seems fun, but I wish to know the details of the campaign. If you let us have more details, other ambassadors might organize similar campaigns!
    Posted 09-03-2017 23:14

  • says :
    How cute!
    Posted 09-03-2017 20:41

  • says :
    Hi Daniel! Thanks for sharing this meaningful activity!
    Your article reminded me a concept of ecological equilibrium, which means a state of equilibrium within a community of various organisms. As you mentioned on a passage, no wild animals should be eliminated from our environment because of their impact on human life.
    I strongly hope this campaign can be spread out to more and more people and be successful!
    Thanks again!
    Posted 09-03-2017 11:03

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    This mark is so adorable!
    Posted 09-03-2017 09:45

  • says :
    we should all engage to protect wildlife, they are also part of the world biodiversity
    Posted 09-03-2017 04:52

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