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An Overview of Solar Power Plants in Egypt

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The history of solar power in Egypt dates back to 1912, when an American engineer and inventor called Frank Shuman built the world's first ever solar thermal power station in Maadi, a district in Cairo. Shuman's visionary ideals were evident in his famous statement, in which he says: "One thing I feel sure of... is that the human race must finally utilize direct sun power or revert to barbarism." Unfortunately, the station stopped with the outbreak of World War I, and remained forgotten ever since.

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Egypt lies in the Sun Belt area, and direct normal irradiation ranges between 2000 to 3200 KWh/m2/y across the country. A lot of initiatives have been taken to try to use this potential in providing clean energy. In this report, we take a quick look at some of Egypt's major solar power projects.

1.       Kuraymat Plant

The Kuraymat solar thermal power plant, which started operating in 2011, lies 100 km south of Cairo, on the eastern side of the River Nile. The location was chosen for its large, flat desert land. The plant uses parabolic trough technology and was expected to generate as much as 34,000 MWh/yr.


2.       Siwa 10 MW PV Solar Power Plant

The 10 MW solar PV power plant in Siwa was the largest solar power installation at the time of its completion in March 2015, and accounts for 30% of the grid capacity of Siwa City, displacing approximately 14000 tons of CO2 per year. The plant provides clean electricity to over 6000 homes in Siwa City and outskirts.


3.       Kom Ombo 100 MW Solar Thermal Power Plant

A new thermal power plant is currently under construction in Kom Ombo, Aswan. The plant is expected to work on parabolic trough technology. The electric energy generated will be 385 Million Kwhr annually, saving about 90,000 Ton Oil Equivalent (T.O.E) and reduce emission about 200,000 tons CO2.


4.       Hurghada Egyptian-Japanese Solar Power Plant

A collaboration between the Egyptian New & Renewable Energy Authority and the Japan International Cooperation Agency has suggested a 20 MW PV power plant to be established in Hurghada. Through this project, JICA hopes to mitigate climate change by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, as well as promoting the use of renewable energy.









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  • says :
    Thanks for the kind words and suggestions, everyone!
    Daon, I'm not sure exactly what JICA gets out of this, but the deal includes a loan with small interest. Didn't want to go too deep into the politics/economics of the situation, but more information is available in the last reference :]
    Posted 10-03-2017 03:59

  • says :
    Mennatella, thank you! What an interesting story of Frank Shuman. I have never heard of the story before. Due to my ignorance, I have never thought of a solar power plant in Egypt. After reading your report, however, it seems obvious that Egypt has perfect conditions for solar power plants. I believe for the next report you could introduce one specific solar power plant in Egypt. What is special about it, general details, some photos taken by you. Thank you!
    Posted 09-03-2017 23:17

  • says :
    Hello Mennatella! First of all, thanks for writin about interesting topic!
    I didn't realize that Egyption's effort to take advantage of solar power has that long history! (since 1912!! amazing!) It is true that every country has different strength in terms of natural resources, and it is obviously a solar power in Eqypt!
    Among four projects you mentioned, the fourth one caught my eyes! I wonder what JICA gets from that project! Is is something related to International carbon credit like CDM?
    Thanks for your article again!
    Posted 09-03-2017 11:16

  • says :
    I am sure that solar power can effeciently combat climate change, proud of what Egypt is doing. thanks for sharing
    Posted 09-03-2017 04:43

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Thanks for taking us through solar power plants of Egypt.
    Posted 09-03-2017 01:29

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