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A Brief History About Zesco Here In Zambia

by Chabala Chisenga | 06-05-2017 09:10 recommendations 0

ZESCO Limited is a vertically integrated
electricity utility, which generates, transmits,
distributes and supplies electricity in Zambia.

Powering the Nation, ZESCO Limited was formed in 1970 after the Zambia Electricity Supply Act was passed in Parliament.

This Act brought together the electricity undertakings that were previously managed by the local authorities. The Corporation traces its origins to 1906 when a
small thermal station was established in Livingstone to serve a small section of the town.

In 1994, the name of Zambia Electricity Supply
Corporation Limited was changed to ZESCO
Limited. This was to reflect the recommitment to
providing a high quality of customer service.
Shareholding The Government of the Republic of
Zambia is the sole shareholder of ZESCO

The Permanent Secretaries of the Ministry of
Finance and National Planning, and the Ministry
of Mines, Energy and Water Development
represent the Government on the Board.

ZESCO is committed to providing safe and
reliable electricity to improve the quality of life
for all.

Thank you for reading,stay blessed,I'm looking forward to receiving your comments.


  • Zambia E-gen Ambassador Chabala Chisenga


  • says :
    thanks for sharing
    Posted 06-02-2018 22:01

  • says :
    good report
    Posted 06-02-2018 22:01

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Thanks Chabala for introducing ZESCO to us. We have DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) in Dubai, where I live, to manage the supply and distribution of Water and Electricity in the city of Dubai.
    Posted 14-05-2017 04:44

  • says :
    Thank you for such an informative read!

    Posted 07-05-2017 18:23

Chabala Chisenga

  • says :
    Chabala, thank you for your report. It was interesting to read how ZESCO came to be. So it was the Zambia Electricity Supply Act what made ZESCO. If you could tell us why the members of the parliament started discussing this act, it would be more informative. Also why was the name changed from Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Limited to ZESCO?
    Posted 06-05-2017 23:21

  • says :
    Hi Chabala! Thanks for sharing interesting report on ZESCO.
    In Korea, we also have a company owned mostly by the governments and it is in charge of scheduling and providing electricity to all citizen.
    Since a few decades ago, there has been a controversy between keeping the current status and introducing private sectors in this industry in Korea. Are there any drawbacks or limitations being discussed in your country?
    Posted 06-05-2017 22:09

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